What are the Best Practices for B2B Marketing?

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Business to business (B2B) relationships differ from those of business to consumer (B2C), largely because they have a long-term focus. Companies can spend weeks on marketing and sales activities to attract business customers. Done right, this can generate mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and ongoing financial benefits to your organisation.

If a business happens to be looking for a product or service that your company can provide, make it easy for them to find you. Having a professional website is important because your prospective B2B customers are increasingly researching online.

Website landing pages should get to the point quickly, what is your value proposition? Give prospects a reason to like and trust you because potential clients will often visit your website before placing a call.

And, if you really want them to call (which you do), have clear contact details. These should preferably include phone numbers and email addresses. Online contact forms are not only impersonal but they can put some people off. Avoid missed opportunities.

Content, content, content

Building brand awareness requires great content. To generate demand leads and opportunities requires great content. Search engine optimisation requires great content. Producing compelling content is the best way to attract and engage your target audience. Plan your content timing and consistency using a content marketing calendar. Bear in mind that not all website traffic will generate increased leads, so developing sustainable SEO requires a vigorous content strategy.

Plan for success, track success against goals, and reassess and update regularly. Generate eye-catching visual content for social media that will drive prospective customers to your website.

Content is less about hard sell and more about providing targeted material that will engage, inform, educate and entertain. Provide business tips, how-to’s, industry news and latest trends. Make the content as compelling a possible so prospects visiting the website will choose you.

Remember that your web design should be responsive so that the content is adaptable across devices. Mobile is increasingly the preferred platform for content consumption and visual is the preferred style of content on smartphones.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the software and methods companies use to nurture prospective clients with highly personalised beneficial content. It encompasses marketing across all channels, combining robust capabilities from customer relationship management to web analytics and inventory control.

Automation won’t generate new business leads for you, but what it can do is help to convert any existing leads into satisfied customers further aiding the business to maintain these relationships over the long-term.

Automation has transformed manufacturing and production industries, few people realise it can also transform marketing activities. Marketing automation technology helps businesses to streamline their marketing tasks and workflow. Much like inventory control software, it can increase operational efficiency and free-up staff to focus on more important tasks.

Accounting for B2B

Account-based marketing can be used to pinpoint and target prospective business clients. By first identifying the pain points of a business you can then provide the business with a solution. Perhaps they are looking for better inventory control or speed of delivery.

Using predictive marketing analysis companies can ascertain which business accounts are likely to be the most beneficial so the account managers can focus their efforts there. Once you have converted B2B prospects into clients implement a systematic plan to build and strengthen relationships, to maximise mutual benefits and increased value.

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