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In order to apply barcodes to inventory management, it is important to understand the basics of the barcode system. There are two main components involved with using a barcode, which include barcoding hardware and barcoding software. With a basic understanding of these concepts, we will look at its application to inventory and how it can be a critical part of online inventory management.

Components of implementing a barcoding system

Firstly, barcoding hardware is comprised of tangible units that include barcode scanners, printers, charging stations, and a series of cables, depending on the type of system you are using to scan. The type of barcoding hardware is dependent on your product, stock taking needs and area you will be working in. Hence, some companies will find corded barcode scanners to be all they need, where other companies require wireless scanners to support their online inventory management.

The next component is barcoding software. Each barcode yields an immense amount of information that needs to be read, decoded, filtered and stored with barcode software. Initially, the barcode hardware is used to scan this information and then it is interpreted with the barcoding software. The interpretation is very accurate and essentially decreases the risk of human error.

Benefits of Barcoding

With those features established, it’s time to discover the benefits a barcode can have with online inventory management. Barcode software can be part of an online inventory management system to manage the printing and scanning of barcodes and promote real-time data and up-to-date information on product tracking. Effectively, there is no need to have two separate entities for inventory tracking. Online inventory management can have integrated barcoding software to make stock taking and inventory management a quick and accurate exercise. Therefore, you won’t be balancing two different systems, hoping they will communicate and constantly ensuring they are both up-to-date with the most recent information. With a barcode system within your online inventory management software, synced information will encourage improved workflow within your business.

For example, when your products have barcodes, it’s much easier to find product information. Not only can you access information easily, but you can track and locate product easily as well. The barcodes can make inventory stock taking an efficient process and it can update accurate inventory levels in real-time. Mistakes are reduced and processes move faster, meaning your business can be more efficient on the whole and work towards a healthy inventory management practice. Additionally, barcodes can be beneficial when items need to be selected to fulfill orders. It can make the fulfillment process a smoother procedure and save employees time in the warehouse. Also, when inventory is being received, barcodes can also be useful to identify what has been delivered. When the received product needs to be stocked, it makes the warehouse allocation process much simpler.  

An online inventory management system with barcoding features integrated into the system can yield countless benefits for a business. Barcode software can read and process barcode information and sync it with the greater inventory data. This makes inventory tracking, updating, and processing easier than it’s ever been.

Now that you’ve got the components to implement your barcoding system, read this article on how barcodes work.

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