Apply These 4 Best Practices for B2B eCommerce Adoption

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Driving customer adoption of eCommerce sites in the B2B space is an interesting topic. Although B2B is a different model to B2C, when it comes to online purchases, they are very similar. B2C and B2B eCommerce can be closely linked in user interface and basic functionality; B2B customers have similar expectations to B2C eCommerce shoppers. It’s important that a B2B business follows best practice for customer adoption. Here are a few industry best practices to successfully get your B2B customers onto your eCommerce store.

Listen to customer feedback

One of the best ways to launch a successful B2B eCommerce site is to sculpt it based on what your customers genuinely want. If you get their feedback and opinions from an early stage, you’ll be able to craft the eCommerce site to their needs. If they are engaged in the development stages, they’ll be more likely to use the site when it’s done. They’ll have pride in it if they see their contributions on the page.

Build momentum and enthusiasm before going live

There are a variety of strategies that help stir up excitement before an eCommerce launch. Look to email marketing to keep your customers in the loop. Advertise promotional prices by decreasing the ordering cost on a popular product or add in free shipping. A lower ordering cost might grab their attention and incentivise them to come to the site in the first place. Then you need to engage them with videos to showcase the new features of the eCommerce site.

VIP soft launch

Tap into some of your most valued customers and introduce them to the site before the rest of your B2B customers. Since they are very loyal, they will give you constructive feedback. They will most likely be tolerant if a few things aren’t exactly perfect. They can give vital information about what they found easy and what was confusing on the site. These changes can be made before it is live for everyone. A soft launch is strategic for many reasons. You can also incentivise B2B customers to help you out at this stage with a markedly reduced ordering cost on their favourite product.

Make sure your staff are on board

One way to ensure that a B2B eCommerce site prevails is through internal adoption. Make sure your employees understand how to navigate the site. Their confidence will be transparent in front of B2B customers. They’ll impress customers if they can swiftly navigate to products and prices on a smart device when they are out on a sales call. If the staff member is competent, then this platform can act as a viable tool that leads to more sales.

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