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Our ever growing development team have done it again! One of the cornerstones of our success is remaining relentless with new feature releases coupled with back end enhancements. It is the joy of SaaS that allows Unleashed to improve week after week, month after month for our global users. Relentless is a word we choose to use a lot as we continue to grow.

A big thanks to all those users using our Feature Request Forum. We take on board every request from our user-base to ensure Unleashed is a good fit for real-users in our target market. We have an exciting development pipe in place to cover regular releases throughout this year and ongoing. We are working as fast as we can to get the inventory features you need in as quickly as possible – keep the awesome feedback coming!

Check out the Release Notes for details on our great new features being published Friday 3rd May.

Below are just a few of the big ones:

Clone Sales Invoice and Purchase Order – This is massive! Users can now easily select an existing sale or purchase order and clone it in to a brand new transaction with matching order details. This exciting feature can greatly speed up order processing by reducing keying time, especially for those large repeat or standing orders. Awesome!

Multi-line Stock Adjustments – We know sometimes correcting stock quantities or values is not always a “one product at a time” job. We are proud to say Unleashed now allows you to adjust as many products as you like in just the one transaction. Too easy.

Sales Invoice Print and Email – To make life easier when getting sales documentation to the right people, Unleashed now lets you choose to print or email either an invoice or a packing slip during order entry. Rather than just default what documentation is produced, this new addition gives you free choice for each order – great if you need to email an invoice to a customer but a packing slip to your warehouse.

Support Popup – Should you need a little help with Unleashed there is now a cool widget on the side of your screen. Clicking in here gives you a quick keyword search option through our help files and also the chance to fire our friendly support team questions.

Supplier Change Codes – In addition to changing both product and customer codes, you now have the option to make amendments to any incorrect supplier codes. We really want your master data to be clean and tidy.

Default Delivery Addresses – If you sell to customers with one main warehouse but a few other stores you can now select one of their delivery addresses to become a default in the customer setup. This takes an extra step out of sales order processing by always loading the default delivery address for you!


Again, keep the feature feedback flowing. The team at Unleashed look forward to bringing you more cool stuff again this month and we hope this release helps your business hum even more.

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