Adding a Bill of Materials in Unleashed

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The Bill of Materials page lets you create and maintain the components and quantities that make your finished goods. When creating a new Bill of Materials, first select the product to be created.

All assembled products must be created in Unleashed, as well as the Component products. You need to have one Bill of Materials (BOM) for each manufactured product. Also, the value of the finished product is the sum of the value of all component quantities.


After activating the Production module, you can to see a brand new tab in your Unleashed account, the Production tab.

There are three processes in Unleashed to let you produce finished goods from components.

  1. The Bill of Materials screen enables you create and maintain the components and quantities that goes into your finished goods.
  2. Assembly lets you apply these Bills to create new quantities. Assembly is the act of compiling the component in the Bill of Materials.  It works by removing the components from stock on hand and adds the finished product to the stock on hand.
  3. The Production Enquiry page provides you visibility and transparency into this operation.

See Add a Bill of Materials in Unleashed help for more information.

For more educational content on inventory management, access the Unleashed Academy.

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