January 28, 2016    2 min read

Unleashed’s Order Management provides you with increased transparency to the order management process. As a result you will have more control to manage shipments in the warehouse with the roll out of multiple order and shipment statuses.

Activating Order Management

  1. Go to Settings | Company
  2. Click on the Details tab
  3. Scroll down and check the ‘Enable Order Management‘ tick box.

See What is Order Management? for more information.

Using Order Management

Once Order Management is activated, you can create purchase orders, create part shipments, create part invoices – and much, much more!

See Using Order Management for more information.

Order Management diagram demonstrating the sales process in Unleashed when Order Management is activated.

Let’s assume that Sarah, a more advanced Unleashed user, decides to activate Order Management. This enables her to have the flexibility of creating shipments and invoices manually.

This also allows Sarah to have the flexibility of performing advanced shipment and invoicing features, if Sarah wants to create a part shipment or invoice – now she can! She enjoys having the flexibility and freedom to adjust an order on a whim, without being restricted. Good job, Sarah!