5 things you need to know about integrating Amazon and Unleashed Software

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You can now integrate your Amazon stores to your Unleashed account for a seamless experience. Here are five things you need to know about integrating your stores.

You can create one Amazon store per country in Unleashed

When you integrate Amazon to your Unleashed account, you’ll have the option to set up multiple stores. If your business sells to different marketplaces, you will need to set up one store per country in Unleashed.

You must use the Marketplace Web Services Authentication Token

Your Marketplace Web Services (MWS) Token can be found in your Amazon account. Unless you use this token, you won’t be able to integrate Amazon to Unleashed. Remember that each country has its own code so if you sell to multiple countries, you’ll have to use a different MWS Token for each one. Please refer to the help files for the MWS Token.

You can have different order import options

You can either create an order and customer based on each Amazon order, or you can use a single customer for all Amazon orders. If you opt to use a single customer for all Amazon orders, you can create a customer named “Amazon Sales”. This allows you to filter all sales made through Amazon.

Under the single customer option, your business has the option of creating an individual order for each Amazon sale under the selected customer.

You will also have the option of consolidating all the orders each day. This is useful if your business has a high volume of sales or if you’re dropshipping with Amazon. This means that Unleashed will generate one invoice per day, with each sales order added as a line item to the parked invoice.


Amazon is the master

You can select if you want the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or SKU number to match your product code within Unleashed. Products that are created in Amazon will be assigned an ASIN but you can also use your own SKU numbers.

When integrating Unleashed and Amazon, Amazon is the master so Unleashed only sends Stock on Hand information to Amazon.

If you’re integrating with another ecommerce platform, you want to be sure that you have selected the option to have Amazon’s SKU numbers to match with Unleashed’s product codes and your ecommerce platform’s SKU numbers. This creates a consistent system and prevents data from being entered twice in the system.

Orders take time to process

Unleashed starts Amazon’s import process but please note that it will time take some time for the orders to come through.

Need more help? Check out our Amazon Integration help files.

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