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Integrate your app and leverage the value of Unleashed inventory to some of the most influential businesses in the world.

Create a seamless experience with an Unleashed integration

With your app fully integrated with Unleashed, users can experience the seamless workflow of a fully integrated solution.

Our research has shown that an average Unleashed customer will have at least 7 integrated applications they use to run their business – your app could be vital to their success.

What type of integration would you like?

An Alliance Partner (ADD-ON)

These are business integrations that enable your SaaS application to plug directly into Unleashed via the API. Data can be shared between the applications for almost all functions to create a seamless flow of information that adds efficiency and enhances a customer’s experience.

Custom Integration

Are you a developer with experience building bespoke solutions on the Unleashed API? Individual businesses or developers can use the Unleashed API to create custom integrations that connect to a single Unleashed account. This type of integration is a one-off solution that is built for the specific needs of a particular business. Currently over 10 Million transactions are being created in Unleashed every day by companies harnessing the speed and efficiency of using the Unleashed API to automate all their core data entry.


How to become an Unleashed Alliance Partner

1. Register
Register your interest below and we will contact you to discuss your integration plans with you. Building a solid relationship with marketing, sales and product development is really important – so we would love to get to know your team better and start forming a real partnership from the outset.
2. Build
Time to build your integration. Hopefully you have some cool ideas on leveraging Unleashed already. We are happy to help you with use cases and feedback along the way, and our product team are always keen to hear from the development community to share ideas too.
3. Demonstrate
One you’ve got a minimum viable product (exciting!) we will get you to demonstrate the integration with our Product Management team. They will provide any feedback for improvements, or ask questions around use cases we have seen in market.
4. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Assuming you’re using the LEAN methodology and are keen to get some more customers, this is the stage you should be collecting real-time feedback from clients and their experience with the integration. This User Acceptance Testing is very important to us, and should provide your app with the foundational customers from which to build from.
5. Documentation
Now it is time to bring it all together. We will expect the integration to be well documented with Help files, videos, and process flow diagrams. We are happy to include Help files provided by you on our website.
6. Marketing
By now we have an integration and are ready to launch! To do that we need to pull it all together and create two landing pages. One on your website with links back to the Unleashed marketplace app (as per our alliance partner guidelines), and a listing in the Unleashed marketplace with all the essential information displayed for users to quickly assess the integration for their business. Now it’s time to showcase your integration to the world!

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