Customer's Journey

The Customer Journey will give you a step-by-step plan to help you discover more of Unleashed. Learn more about our advanced features and how to optimise them to allow your business to take off.

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Setup the Sandbox

The Unleashed Sandbox gives you access to all of Unleashed’s features, with no connection to your actual inventory data — enabling you to experiment or get to know the system without affecting your actual platform. It’s perfect for businesses looking to test out a feature before implementing it or get new staff familiar with how Unleashed works.

Setting up the Sandbox: three key steps

Once your Sandbox is set up, it’ll essentially create a copy of your company’s data at that point in time, which is not connected to your live account in any way. Follow these three steps to get started:

Step one: Click the drop-down next to your name on the top right-hand side of the screen, and select My Account.

Step two: On the My Account page, click the grey Create Sandbox button. It will display a confirmation message. Click Yes.

Step three: Refresh the page. You should now see a notification on the top right-hand side of Unleashed, confirming that the sandbox environment has been created successfully.

You will then see the Sandbox appear as a new entry in your list of accounts.

Using the Sandbox

To open your new account, click the View button next to it on the My Account page. You should then see that the top navigation bar is now orange, as well as a red message at the top of the screen confirming that you are in sandbox mode.

Please note that this test environment enables you to access all of Unleashed’s functionality, irrespective of your chosen plan. For example, if your account does not have access to per warehouse controls, you will still be able to enable them in your Sandbox.