Xero: Reconcile Transactions

Integrating your Unleashed account with Xero enables you to ensure that any transactions performed in Unleashed are sent to your Xero account. But what if there is a variance between the two platforms?

The Reconcile Transactions tool looks for any unexported transactions in Xero and allows you to export them again. It’s a great troubleshooting tool and we’d recommend that you use it often.

Let’s take a look at how.

How to export transactions

First of all, head to your integration store and select the Export Xero Data tab. By default, you’ll see sales order information for the current date range. You can view other transactions as well: including purchase orders, purchase costs, assembly costs, supplier returns and more.

From there, follow these six steps to reconcile your transactions.

  1. Select a transaction type, then select a date range. We recommend that you run one week at a time, or up to one month as a maximum
  2. Unleashed will display the total number of variances for the given time period. It’ll also give details on those transactions
  3. Click the Reconcile Transactions button. The reconciliation will run in the background
  4. Refresh the page. You should see a notification confirming that the reconciliation has been completed
  5. Go back to the Export Xero Data tab. Re-enter your date range and reselect your transaction type
  6. At the top of the screen, the variance count should now be zero

In the individual transactions listed below you should see:

  • The same figure in the Total and Xero Total columns
  • ‘0.00’ in the Variance column
  • ‘Exported’ showing in the Export Status column
  • ‘Xero’ displayed in the View column. Click this link to see the transaction in Xero

Please note that it is possible to click Export numerous times. If you are trying to duplicate a sales order, then you’ll get a warning message. Be aware, however, that the system will allow duplicates for purchase orders and credit notes.

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