Purchases module: Overview

Managing your purchases correctly is a key factor in effective inventory management, helping you maintain optimal stock levels or track your margins with accurate average landed costs. Here’s a rundown of how the easy-to-use Unleashed Purchases module helps you take control over your supply chain.

Adding new purchase orders

You can use the Purchases module to create a new purchase order (PO) in just a few clicks.

When importing inventory, you may find that you’re only billed after the stock arrives at your warehouse. Using Unleashed, you can add the cost of that bill into your receipted order at a later date. That way, you can still cater for any freight, customs or other costs involved in getting stock from your supplier to your business.

You can add these costs in a range of different currencies.

To save time, you can import many purchase orders at the same time — or even clone an existing order and adjust the quantity as needed. And if you’ve added your supplier product codes and descriptions, you can email your order to your supplier directly from Unleashed.

Tracking suppliers and deliveries

There are lots of ways in which Unleashed can help you keep a close eye on your suppliers and deliveries. Using the Purchases module, you can:

  • Manage and track all your supplier records and returns, including details and credit reasons
  • Get alerted on your dashboard whenever a delivery is late
  • Record a partially complete delivery into your warehouse with the ‘split receipt’ function
  • Automatically share a draft payable bill with your accounting software whenever you receipt or complete an order
  • Access detailed reports about your purchases: including the Purchase Enquiry, Costing Analysis Report and Reorder Report

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