Batch Tracking: Update batch number expiry date

Batch Tracking Update: Overview

Batch Tracking is a great way of following exactly where your products are, and when they’re about to expire. But what if you need to amend the expiry date for one of your batches? Here’s how, using the Batch Number Enquiry report.

If you have made a mistake and recorded an incorrect Expiration Date with a batch number, you can correct this via the ‘Batch Numbers Enquiry Report’. It is found under the ‘Inventory’ section of the reports.

Updating Batch Tracking Information

Step One: Enter the Batch Number in the ‘Search’ field and click ‘Run’
Step Two: Edit the ‘Expiry Date’ field and select the correct date

Remember: Once the date is updated in the report, it will also be updated in the system.

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