Integrated Xero Shopify Inventory Management

Looking for a way to streamline order management and sync inventory between your accounting and ecommerce systems? Try Unleashed’s Xero Shopify inventory management integration today.

Inventory management for Xero and Shopify users

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Synchronise sales and accounting

With Unleashed, sales orders and stock movements are instantly updated across all your systems in real time.

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Easy inventory tracking

Maintain accurate stock records and manage orders more efficiently with perpetual inventory control.

Unified reporting and analytics

Enjoy omnichannel reporting. Compare cross-platform sales and inventory data in one central location.

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Slash admin and inventory costs

Save hours every week and minimise your carrying costs. Unleashed automates manual tasks to save time and cash.

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Unleashed brings all your sales channels under one roof. Sell everywhere and enjoy total financial visibility.

End-to-end order management

Track goods along the entire supply chain, from purchasing through to sales. Track stock in multiple warehouses.

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Unlimited sales channels, unlimited warehouses

Track every sale and stock movement no matter where it happens. Unleashed helps you track goods in multiple warehouses and brings all your sales channels together.

Seamless Shopify and Xero integrations

Unleashed enables integrations with 30+ apps and tools. Sync inventory management with accounting, POS, ecommerce, CRM and more. Plus, build custom workflows with full API access.

Automated Xero Shopify inventory management

Reconcile sales, manage inventory, and build custom reports in real time. Sync data across the whole business for a fully accurate, fully integrated sales system.

Everything you need to sync
Shopify inventory management with Xero

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Perpetual Stock Updates

Enjoy less data entry and improved stock accuracy. Unleashed updates Xero and Shopify in real time to provide visibility over all your sales data and stock movements whenever you need it. All three systems will always be up to date, so you can sleep easy knowing your all your financials are accurate.

Multiple Warehouse Management

Unleashed acts as a central hub that connects all your sales channels storage locations – even if they’re on opposite sides of the world. Track goods across multiple warehouses and geo-locations to avoid missed sales and improve order fulfilment speed.

Multichannel Order Management

Sell through multiple ecommerce platforms, social media apps, and marketplaces with ease. Unite your sales reports using Unleashed’s integrated multichannel sales solution. Boost inventory accuracy and meet your customers where they prefer to shop.

Omnichannel Sales System

Make smarter purchasing decisions with full omnichannel visibility and sales reporting. Compare stock updates, customer trends, and customer order data between all your different online sales channels and retail stores.

How does Xero Shopify inventory management work?

Check out this short demo of Unleashed to see how our Xero Shopify inventory management software can synchronise sales and inventory with your accounting to save you time, money, and effort.

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What Unleashed users are saying

“Unleashed works seamlessly with Xero: all the information gets transferred across, and accounts can collect the money from the customer at the end of the day – it’s all very easy.”

John Lintott
Broady's, New Zealand

“Unleashed is simple to set up and use. It’s reliable, robust and integrates seamlessly with our ecommerce platform and accounting software.”

Jonny Steel
Urban Cottage Industries, United Kingdom

“We have a lot of sales channels, so having one central system coordinating everything – from the logistics through to accounting software and Shopify – makes it so much easier for us.”

Alexandre Goubaud

BioGaia, Sweden
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