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Streamline inventory control, lift profit margins, and track stock across multiple warehouses. Unleashed warehouse inventory software simplifies your workflows to save you hours of daily admin.

Warehouse stock management made simple

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Multi-warehouse management

Manage inventory and ship orders via multiple storage facilities, sales channels, and geo-locations – all from one central dashboard.

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Total product

Track products by SKU, serial number or batch through the supply chain in real time – all the way to your customer’s front door.

data insights

Build smart reports with centralised data that’s updated as changes happen. Identify product, sales and customer trends at a glance.

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Transfers &
bin locations

Assign bin locations to all your products and manage warehouse transfers digitally with built-in advanced warehousing features.

Custom user

With Unleashed, warehouse managers can ensure employees only have access to the features and data needed to perform their specific job.

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Access inventory optimisation tools that help you determine the optimum stock levels for every SKU, reducing storage costs and improving margins.

Optimised 3PL

Work effectively with third parties using the Data Exporter tool. Create custom templates and export data to 3PL partners in seconds.

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Make data-driven buying decisions, automate your purchasing, and set smart reorder levels that tell you when stock is getting low.

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No more stressful
stock take pains

Use warehouse inventory management software to create customised item lists, run segmented cycle counts, and import the updated quantities in seconds. Easily conduct rolling stock takes that don’t interrupt your workflows.

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Frictionless warehouse inventory tracking

Track stock movements through the entire supply chain. Access powerful warehouse management features like bin location, warehouse transfers, and real-time inventory control.

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Multiple warehouse inventory management

Manage inventory across multiple locations without the fuss. Unleashed’s multiple warehouse management system is available with every Unleashed plan.

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We can now manage our stock, process sales, and get visibility of financial performance more efficiently.

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Tom Riley

Managing Director of WhiteWash Laboratories

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Unleashed warehouse software features

Unleashed is a cloud based solution with all inventory and warehouse management features you need, competitively priced. Optimise your logistics processes, keep up with ever-changing customer buying patterns, and streamline your inventory and shipping processes.
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Fully integrated warehouse management system

Save time and avoid data duplication. Unleashed seamlessly connects to all your favourite analytics, CRM, eCommerce & accounting software with over 30 integrations + full API access for your developers.

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Smooth onboarding, easy migration, and round-the-clock support from the highest-rated customer support team in the industry.

Warehouse inventory management software FAQs

Warehouse inventory management software is a cloud based solution for tracking inventory as it travels along the supply chain, from the manufacturer to your distribution center or warehouse, and then on to another retailer or the end customer.

Warehouse inventory software features often overlap with WMS systems, but are better equipped to help you optimise your inventory to bring costs down and improve warehouse efficiency.

Inventory management is the process of purchasing, storing, and tracking stock inside a warehouse. It is an important element of effective warehouse management because it enables warehouse teams to maintain accurate recorded inventory levels by providing greater visibility over stock movements and sales data.

Warehouse inventory management systems automate stock control inside a warehouse – or multiple warehouses – helping to minimise staff labour, carrying costs and waste. Warehouse management systems, however, focuses on warehouse operations. It deals with storage optimisation and improving the efficiency of warehouse processes.

Warehouse management systems with inventory management functionality help businesses track individual SKUs, product batches, and raw materials stock across one or multiple storage locations. Other warehouse management solutions include, enterprise resource planning tools (for companies with large warehouse operations) and supply chain management software.

Inventory in a warehouse can be organised by allocating different storage areas to specific segments of your inventory. This can be carried out by introducing racking, shelves, product bins, and dividers. Inventory can be organised by popularity, name, category, size, or SKU – whichever method will be most efficient for your business.

The best way to maintain an organised warehouse is to track stock movements using a warehouse management system (WMS) with cloud based inventory management software features.

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