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Improve the efficiency of every stock count and gain complete visibility of your inventory levels with cloud-based stocktaking software. Say goodbye to costly discrepancies and frustrating stock take disruptions with Unleashed.

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Total stock visibility

Unleashed uses real-time inventory tracking to ensure your stock levels are always up to date and accurate, so you no longer rely on manual stock takes for visibility.

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Minimise disruptions

Say goodbye to late-night stock counts and business freezes – now you can perform smaller stock takes for specific items and save the big count for end-of-year reporting.

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Automated stock takes

Improve the speed and accuracy of your stock takes with integrated barcode scanning software features to input SKUs and unit numbers as you perform your count.

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Smart partial counting

Save time by counting only what you need to know. Run a stock take by warehouse, bin location, product type, or supplier for maximum stock taking flexibility.

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Full product traceability

With sophisticated batch and serial tracking tools, stocktaking in Unleashed tells you exactly what’s in stock and what isn’t – and takes the pain out of product recalls.

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Reconcile automatically

Unleashed integrates with your accounting software and automatically sends a journal entry when a stock take is complete to boost reconciliation efficiency and data accuracy.

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Stock management made simple

Enjoy the total visibility of perpetual stock control. Unleashed records every stock movement in or out of your business in real time – giving you accurate stock levels and on-hand inventory values. Fast and efficient stock take tools ensure your records match reality – in both your warehouse and your bank accounts.

30+ integrations for custom workflows

Run your business the way you want to run it. Tech stack options are endless with Unleashed, with over 30 plug-and-play integrations for accounting, POS, eCommerce, and analytics software tools – plus full API access for your developers. 

Every stock control feature you need

More than just a stock take software system, Unleashed gives you end-to-end control over your products – from purchasing and warehouse management to production and sales.

Why users love our stock take software​

Unleashed customer Ryan Bamford
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The management team has much more visibility. Our warehouse team find the system so much easier to use. And the sales team can find products far quicker. Being able to see what’s available immediately is a lifesaver.

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Ryan Bamford, Group General Manager

Traders Warehouse Security Distribution Group, UK

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Stocktaking software FAQs

Stocktaking software is a type of perpetual stock management system that enables faster, more efficient stock takes by providing automation tools to improve the accuracy and speed of recording on-hand inventory levels in a business.

Cloud-based stock take software improves the accuracy and speed of stocktaking in a warehouse or retail store. Businesses can access up-to-date records of inventory levels at any time, automatically adjust stock information as changes occur, and eliminate the need for regular manual stock checks.

You do not need a barcode scanning system to use stock take software. However, it’s easy to integrate barcode scanners with Unleashed and use them to accelerate your stock counts. Because scanners are more reliable than manual counting methods, using them can reduce the time it takes to perform a stock take and lower your risk of inventory discrepancies.

Yes, stocktaking is just one of the many features Unleashed offers to help you optimise your inventory management workflows and achieve greater efficiency in your operations.

Other Unleashed features to check out include:

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