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What ROI can you expect
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Unleashed is an incredibly cost-effective tool for unlocking value and driving business growth. Here’s what a group of Unleashed users say about quantifiable gains they’ve enjoyed


One of the immediate benefits of using Unleashed is the cash flow released from over-ordering – and the most powerful tool for doing that is the Unleashed Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module. Regular AIM users found they’d cut excess stock by an average of USD$72,000 in their first six months – while increasing profitability by 8%. 

With Unleashed you make the most of your money, so you can do more, with less.

100 new accounts

Poised for growth, but lacking the systems to deliver? That was where coffee wholesaler Darcy Small found himself right before shifting to Unleashed. As soon as his business was on the right software platform they scaled from 30 customer accounts to 100 “almost overnight”, says Darcy.

Unleashed gives you the tools you need to win new customers – and the confidence that you can serve their needs.

The system – almost overnight – allowed us to scale to 100 customer accounts. There was no way we could have done that without Unleashed.
Darcy Small, Kua Coffee Co-founder, Australia

24% more orders

One of the most efficient ways to grow sales is via B2B eCommerce portals that give your on-account customers an easy & efficient buying experience. Businesses using Unleashed’s built-in B2B eCommerce stores receive 24.7% more sales orders per month than non-users – and enjoy 20% more sales revenue.

Why spend valuable time taking repeat orders manually, when your customers can easily self-serve?

250% growth – with no new headcount

The Good Buzz Beverage Company experienced an extraordinary 250% growth in their kombucha business while using Unleashed, without needing a single extra staff member. No wonder co-founder Alex Campbell describes the software as the backbone of their operations, and ‘the workhorse of the company’.

Free your staff to work on what really moves the needle, and watch your business take off.

Unleashed is the workhorse of our company. We know that as we continue to grow we have the tools that we need.
Alex Campbell, Good Buzz Beverage Company co-founder, New Zealand

Two days each week

Pinjarra Bakery was running a centralised distribution model to supply their chain of stores – but it was taking their Distribution Manager 3-4 hours every day to process orders. Owner Daniel Pantaleo used Unleashed to remove that step, saving them two full days every week – around $40,000 each year in wasted time.

With a continuous workflow from orders to fulfilment, you’ll find your business running smoother and faster on Unleashed than ever before.

I can be anywhere around the world, jump on my phone and know exactly what's going on in my business. That's priceless to me.
Daniel Pantaleo, owner of Pinjarra Bakeries, Australia.
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