Powerful inventory management in your pocket

Unleashed Sales App gives you mobile inventory information on your iPhone so making that important sale just got easier, like we believe it should be.

Empower your sales team with the inventory information they need to close sales more quickly

Unleashed Sales App gives you mobile inventory information on your iPhone so making that important sale just got easier, like we believe it should be.


Bring your business to your customers – anywhere, anytime.

The Unleashed Sales App gives you all the information you need, everywhere you go – all your customer, sales and product information accessible on your iPhone. Making sales is simple when you’ve brought your business with you.

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Close sales on the go

With an intuitive interface that allows you to swipe and tap to create sales orders in seconds, you can make sales wherever your business takes you.
  • Create, edit and save sales orders on your iPhone, synced automatically to your Unleashed desktop account
  • Save orders offline as a draft or email them to your customer immediately
  • Add product quantities, warehouse location and the order’s required date

Your inventory information in your hand

Your inventory is the core of your business, and you need to know how much you have of each product and where in order to sell it effectively. Keep your inventory at hand with the Unleashed Sales App.
  • Show customers your product images in the Unleashed Sales App so they know exactly what they’re purchasing
  • Check stock levels for a product across all locations and product prices to give your customers accurate purchase information
  • Simply swipe left on a product to add it to a sales order and select the quantity – effortless sales creation

Real-time inventory updates means you can ensure you have the stock you need to provide better sales service and keep your customers happy.


Staying in contact is easy

Access your important customer information from your iPhone – keep all your customer data in your Unleashed account, synced to your Unleashed Sales App.
  • View your customer orders in the app to quickly see their purchase history, create a new sales order or replicate an existing one
  • Tap on a customer address to bring up a map and get where you’re going
  • Call a customer directly from within the Sales App, using the phone number listed in Unleashed

Whether you need to find your customer for an on-site visit, call them on the go or send them an email for their latest order, it’s simple with Unleashed.

What our customers are saying

Unleashed Sales App has been developed working with our customers every step of the way to make sure it is fast, easy to use and, most importantly, good for growing your business with an easier sales process.


“Customer service is paramount to our business. The Unleashed Sales App allows us to react to our customers needs any place at any time. Our business is no longer restricted within the wall of our physical office.”

Antony Letch, – Product Distribution

“We work with 100’s of busy businesses across the country and their time is a valuable commodity. The Unleashed Sales App is a fantastic addition to further improve our responsiveness and ensures we keep our customers happy with the support they deserve.”

Carey Dixon – Connected Media

“Love the ability for my sales team to quickly see inventory on the road. Selecting a product to see inventory and prince tiers is great”.

Spencer Howell – Life Floor

Simplify your sales process with Unleashed’s Mobile Sales App.

Leave the laptop and tablets behind – now you only need your iPhone to make sales, check customer information and get real-time stock updates.


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