The perfect companion for sales teams on the go

The Unleashed Sales App allows you to make more sales and better manage your customers, products and orders on the road.

Free for all Unleashed license holders
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Equip your sales team with the best tools

A mobile-enabled sales team is the future. Empower your sales team with the freedom and flexibility to make sales, work efficiently and deepen their relationship with their customer outside the walls of your office. The Unleashed Sales App is an indispensable tool for your sales team on the go.


Make sales anywhere, anytime

Your business doesn’t have to stop — the Unleashed Sales App can be used online or offline. With offline and cloud storage capabilities, your data is ready for you when you need it. Scrap outdated, bulky paper catalogues for an organised, real-time catalogue that fits in your pocket.


Respond to your customers’ needs

The Unleashed Sales App helps your sales team build a deep relationship with their clients. When they know they’ve got the right customer details, order history and up-to-date product information at their fingertips, your sales team will be able to understand their customers’ needs, anticipate their next move and confidently close deals. Email or call customers directly from the app, and view maps for company addresses.

Features your sales team will love


Show customers your product images in the Unleashed Sales App so they know exactly what they’re purchasing


Your sales team will have their assigned customers’ data so they can easily view their purchase history, create new sales order or re-order


Create, edit and save sales orders on your device in offline mode and sync to Unleashed when you’re back online


Look up stock levels for a product across all locations and product prices to give your customers accurate purchase information


Views any customer special pricing, quantity discounts and validate pricing information

Built for Performance

Check inventory stock and make orders in real-time

What our customers are saying

Unleashed Sales App has been developed working with our customers every step of the way to make sure it is fast, easy to use and, most importantly, good for growing your business with an easier sales process.


Contact us today if you have more questions about how the Unleashed Sales App can work for your business.

  • What devices are the Unleashed Sales App compatible with?

    Currently, the Unleashed Sales App is compatible with iOS 9.0 and up, and Android 8.0 and up. Check out the latest compatibility for iOS or Android.

  • Why don’t I see customer or orders?

    The orders screen displays the top 50 orders of only your customers. You may not have any customers assigned to you, or your customers may not have any orders. You can click on the Online Customer tab, search for any customer by name or code and assign themselves to you by clicking the Assign Customer to Sales person icon. For more FAQs click here.

  • How many people can use the Unleashed Sales App?

    Each Unleashed user should have a license — just make sure that you are set as a salesperson, that will allow you to make the most of the app too! If you don’t have enough user licenses, you can add extra users at any time within your account. Find it under Settings > Company > Billing.

  • Does the app work offline?

    Yes! When you’re not connected to the Internet, you can still use the app. It will sync your changes when you’re back online.