Barcode Scanning

Save time and minimise manual errors by using barcode scanning

Speed up your processes by using barcode scanning for receipting purchase orders, stock counts, and sales shipments.


Always have accurate data

Barcode scanning reduces manual input, helping you to have the correct products in the correct quantities reflected in your system, whether you’re receipting goods, or just doing a stock count.


Pick and scan

Barcode scanning alleviates inventory management pains by allowing you to scan and add a single product, or scan and add many products at once.

  • Scanning a product
    Adding multiple quantities of one product made easy. Simply enter the increments to reflect your total amount, then scan the barcode once to enter the data into your system.
  • Scanning different products
    If you receive a shipment with many different products, you can quickly add them to your system. Scan multiple barcodes and then add them all at once.

Boost inventory management efficiency

Barcode scanning can be used across receipting purchases, stock counts, and sales shipment processes. As these are an integral part of your business operations, using barcoding can boost workflow efficiency saving your business critical time.


Enhanced visibility of inventory

Barcode scanning gives visibility for businesses with complex and varied amounts of inventory. Easily and accurately account for all the products in your inventory.

Barcoding FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Barcoding can work for your business.

  • What can I use Barcoding for?

    The barcoding feature enables single or multi-scanning of product barcodes for the following processes:

    Receipting Purchase Orders
    Once you are in the Receipt page of your Purchase Order you will see the Barcode Scanning icon next to your “View Purchase” button at the top right hand side.

    Stock Counts
    Within the open Stock Count you are now able to scan in your counts which can be done via the single scan or multi-scanning option.

    Sales Shipments
    When you have created and opened the required shipment, here you are then able to pick and scan in the required quantities.

  • Can we print barcodes?

    Yes, you can. The Label Printing feature allows you to print product labels, including barcodes and barcode images. Use the Document Designer template or create a custom template.

  • What are the scanning options?

    The Barcode feature allows you to scan in items either individually or using the multi-scan option. The single scan function allows you to scan in your barcode and the add count required within the “increment by” field. The multi-scan function will allow you to scan a range of products multiple times by enabling the “bulk scan” toggle.

  • How do I use serialised scanning?

    As the barcode and serialised fields are data entry fields, you do have the option of scanning the serial number into the system. Please note however that you would need to ensure that you are in the correct area for both the barcode number and the serial number as they would need to be entered in separately.

  • What is a recommended brand of scanner that we can use?

    Within our testing we have used a barcode scanner by Cino however you could use any Plug and Play or Bluetooth device. With regards to mobile apps, we recommend you perform testing with these as we would not have been able to test all barcode scanners available. As such we cannot guarantee if they would be suitable for your needs.

  • Why can’t I use the Barcoding feature on my plan?

    The Barcoding feature is available within the Medium, Large and Large Plus subscriptions only. Upgrade your account to boost your inventory efficiency with barcoding.

  • How do I activate Barcoding in my account?

    This feature is currently active within Medium, Large and Large Plus subscriptions.

    To start using this feature, please ensure that you have barcodes set at your product level by adding a barcode to the barcode field for your product.

    This can be done through Inventory > Products > View Products > Select your product > Add a barcode. Alternatively, you can add a barcode against your products via Inventory > Products > Import/Export > Products.

    Please ensure when you export your product template that your barcode field is saved within the correct numeric format, as Excel can change this column to the scientific format.

    We highly recommend you save a copy to your computer for safekeeping.

For more details on how to use Barcode Scanning, visit our Help files.


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