Product management
software for more accurate stock levels

By using our product management software, you can centralise inventory information for all of your sales channels
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Sales hub

Maintain consistent inventory information across all your sales channels with a master list of goods.

Consistency Across Channels

Unleashed’s software for product management sends inventory information to your POS, eCommerce or CRM software to ensure all your sales channels have up to date stock information.

Right Products at the Right Place

Use the customisable Warehouses feature to separate certain products for specific sales channels. This makes it easy to have online or in-store only products.

Simple input

Whether it’s bulk upload or individual input, create products in your Unleashed account the way that suits you best.

Easy Importing

Bulk import or update products by uploading a simple spreadsheet template. Alternatively, import products from your existing eCommerce or POS integrated software.

Manual Creation

It’s quick and easy to add new products or update an existing one. Unleashed will store detailed product information such as dimensions, images, sale price tiers and much more.

Product tracking

Make more profitable decisions for your business with detailed information for each product.

Average Landed Cost

Unleashed records a product’s average landed cost for each transaction, taking into account the purchase price and total costs – allowing you to maintain accuracy on the true cost of goods.

Stock Visibility

Unleashed lets you track all your goods from purchase to sale with Inventory Reports, or adjust quantity and value with a Stock Adjustment – so you can efficiently manage your products and concentrate on growing your business.

Inventory in your pocket

Take your inventory wherever you go with the Unleashed Mobile Sales App for both Android and iOS platforms. With mobile stock information at your fingertips, making important sales on the go has never been easier.

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