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As costs rise it’s more important than ever to optimize inventory for maximum cash flow. Introducing advanced inventory optimization software from Unleashed

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What does Unleashed inventory
optimization software do?

Use Unleashed’s specialist inventory optimization software tools to release cash from your purchasing cycle, optimize warehouse inventory levels and eliminate dead stock.

End your over-ordering

The Reorder Report handles procurement planning for you, prompting you to buy the right amount of stock at the right time, with pre-populated purchase orders that keep you within optimal inventory limits.

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Set line-by-line strategies

Behind your Reorder Report sits the powerful AIM engine, which detects and sets an optimized inventory level for every part and product in your business – all calculated from its unique supplier lead time and rate-of-use.

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Spot your dead stock

With access to a full inventory Business Intelligence suite you’ll quickly spot slow- and non-moving lines. Free up space and cash flow by discounting or bundling slow-moving SKUs, or write off inventory to cut holding costs.

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Optimization in action: Two minute demo

The first part of optimizing your inventory is setting the right minimum and maximum stock levels for parts and products, based on their lead times and rate of use. Tyler Barnes shows how easy that is in Unleashed in this two minute inventory optimization software demo.

Did you know? The average SMB carries $142k in excess stock​

According to 2023 research the average SMB holds USD$142,000 more stock than they need*. With data-based inventory optimization tools this capital can be released for use elsewhere in the business, and further savings unlocked by avoiding inventory write-offs, and reducing holding costs.

*Based on analysis of 381,000 product lines stocked by 1,886 firms in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with under USD$25 million in turnover.

Get the ultimate inventory optimization software package

For the best inventory optimization toolset combine a regular Unleashed subscription with two optional Unleashed add-ons: Advanced Inventory Manager and Business Intelligence Vision

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We were constantly overestimating what we need. But now I can quickly drill down and set controls on every product.

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