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Craft smarter buying strategies with inventory forecasting & demand planning software built right in to Unleashed

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Why Unleashed is the demand planning software for you

Business conditions change – adapt faster with Unleashed’s demand planning software

Craft smarter strategies

Avoid stock outs & over stocking in the face of highly variable demand and supply constraints.

Avoid inventory overspend

Ensure your holding costs and capital outlay are kept to a minimum, while preparing for upcoming peaks.

Built right in

An integral part of your Unleashed ERP, every sales order, purchase & delivery informs your forecasts.

Made for the real world

Unleashed prompts you when changing conditions – like an increase in sales – mean your forecasts need updating.

Flexible forecasting

Use predictive analytics, manual forecasts – or a combination of both – to model demand scenarios.

Agile & intuitive

With forecasting built in to your ERP your can turn sales models turn into real-world purchasing plans with a click. 

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Three months at sea: How Flowstore manage their long supplier lead times

With a long sea journey required to replenish stock Flowstore had always struggled to ensure inventory availability for their customers. Now, thanks to the intelligent demand forecasting tools in Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module, Flowstore can avoid stock outs without pouring capital into excess stock.

How do you add inventory forecasting & demand planning software to Unleashed?

For the ultimate ERP + demand forecasting software package simply add the Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module to your regular Unleashed subscription. Want to try before you buy? All Unleashed free trials come with AIM switched on.

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