Powerful Inventory Management

Manage your entire product catalogue in the cloud, know precisely in which warehouse the product is located, do stocktakes faster and gain full visibility into stock costs.

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Perpetual Inventory Control

Unleashed uses the average landed cost method to calculate the cost of your products in real-time, resulting in a more accurate cost of goods sold account.

Costs are calculated from purchases and manufacturing, reflecting all the expenses of your inventory, providing you with an accurate view on product margins and profit.


Stock Enquiry

Unleashed allows you to query the availability as well as the full transaction history of any product. Gain real-time access to stock levels, stock costs, batch (lot) tracking information, stock expiry date (if applicable), as well as serial number tracking information.

Stock counts and report filters can be created for suppliers, product groups, warehouses, bin locations and more.

Multi Warehouse Management

Unleashed offers a bin location per warehouse and can keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations. You will know exactly what stock you have and where it is located. Stock can be segregated for reporting purposes.

Warehouse transfers allow you to move your inventory between both physical locations as well as logical (non-physical) locations.


Product Catalogue Management

Manage your entire product catalogue in Unleashed including product attributes such as dimensions, weight, product bar code numbers and product images.

Minimum and maximum levels can also be set along with adding products to custom groupings.


I was after a product that was easy-to-use, didn’t cost too much, and would satisfy our needs for inventory and sales reporting, and Unleashed was absolutely perfect for that.

Greg Small, Zeffer Cider Company
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Serial and Batch Tracking

Components can be assigned a serial number which is then linked to the final product. Similarly, batch numbers can be assigned to any products that have been purchased or manufactured together.

A full usage history of serial and batch numbers can be retrieved, from purchase right through to a sale.


Anytime Stock Takes

Manage your entire stock take process in Unleashed, whether you are auditing a particular product group on a perpetual basis, or a particular supplier’s products.

With Unleashed you can keep your business running whilst you complete a stock count in your own time, and then upload the data when you are ready.

Stock Location Min / Max

A minimum and maximum stock level can be set for stock in multiple locations. In areas where there is a lot of demand a higher minimum stock level can be set, conversely for areas with less demand a lower minimum will suffice.

This ensures you do not overstock, helping you keep a lean balance sheet.


Inventory FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Inventory can work for your business.

  • How do I actually check my stock levels?

    There are multiple ways to do this. One way is to use the Unleashed stock-on-hand enquiry report. You can also use an item inquiry report to gain an understanding of stock availability data. Stock can be reserved for a sales order or a manufacturing process – and Unleashed gives you the necessary insight into how much stock is available.

  • Can I use a different methodology for tracking costs, e.g. FIFO or LIFO?

    We use the average landed costs methodology only. This methodology is at the heart of Unleashed’s perpetual inventory management system. Obviously you are free to use FIFO/LIFO principles in terms of physical stock movement (but not when costing).

  • Can I manage stock in multiple locations?

    Yes, you can use warehouse transfers to transfer stock between multiple locations. You can also do a manual stock adjustment to maintain stock counts if stock is written off. Furthermore, Unleashed’s stock-on-hand (SOH) report allows you to understand how much stock is available for a particular product in all locations. This is perfect for customer enquiries to ensure you don’t miss out on a sale if the stock actually available, yet in a different location.

  • At what stage do I need to add a product serial number or a batch (lot) number?

    As soon as you start holding stock you need to have batch and serial numbers associated with this stock (if applicable). It depends how products are brought into Unleashed. If you are bringing stock in through a purchase order, serial and batch numbers must be added at the time of receipt. If you are doing an adjustment, you need to add a batch or serial number when you are completing the adjustment. If you are doing a credit, then you need to advise what you are bringing in via the credit. Note: Using batch or serial tracking for each product is not mandatory.

  • Do you offer an audit trail on serial and batch (lot) numbers?

    Yes, you can see a full transaction history of when the serial and batches were created, when the product(s) were actually sold, used, or deleted.