Bill of Materials Software

Optimise your production management workflows and streamline manufacturing with Unleashed Bill of Materials software. Grow efficiency and cut costs – no matter your production style.

Bill of Materials Software

Bill of materials software that scales with you

A favourite with manufacturers around the world, Unleashed connects your manufacturing processes with your inventory, purchasing and sales – creating a single cohesive system

Kitsets and bundles

Manage auto-assembled products with Unleashed by setting up a Bill of Material for each one, allowing you to build kitsets or bundles on the fly. You can easily substitute items when you need to.

Flexible BOM software

Easily manage multi-level Bills of Materials; quickly create and cost-out new products; create assemblies without a BOM for a custom job – and manage all your documentation in Unleashed’s file library.

MRP purchasing

Production planning is easy with Unleashed. Instantly order the right quantity of stock for production based on your Bill of Materials & the volume of finished goods required – minus the parts & products you already hold.

Easy disassembly

Unleashed lets you reverse the assembly process – perfect for buying in bulk then breaking the product down to saleable units. Seamlessly convert from one measure to the other, whether that’s pallets to bottles, or metric to imperial.

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Batch and serial tracking

Unleashed comes with industry-leading batch tracking (aka lot tracking) and serial number tracking features. Track and trace parts, ingredients or finished products through your business; manufacture with oldest goods first, and confidently manage recalls.

Capture production costs

Unleashed’s intuitive system lets you capture all the costs of production – like third-party manufacturing, logistics, labour, wastage and packaging costs – so you can see precise profit margins for every product, location, product group or even sales channel.

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How does bill of materials software work?

Learn more about Unleashed’s manufacturing inventory software features in the pages below

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Build finished products quickly and easily with Unleashed Assemblies that let you capture all the costs of production for better planning more accurate margin reporting.

Learn more about Assemblies


Time spent manually breaking down assemblies into components is a hidden cost you can’t account for. Unleashed ensures you can automatically disassemble goods after purchase or return.

Learn more about Disassemblies

Bill of Materials

Unleashed provides a central platform to create and maintain your Bills of Materials. Achieve a more cost-effective production process with the flexibility to adjust your Bill of Materials as your business requires.

Learn more about Bills of Materials

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Bill of materials software FAQs

Questions we get asked the most about Unleashed’s Bill of Materials (BOM) software

Yes! To do so, simply add a product into Unleashed, ensuring that ‘Never Diminishing’ and ‘Component Product’ are switched on. This will allow you to search for your Never Diminishing product when creating your Bill of Materials.

This can currently be managed in Unleashed using a manual approach, by assembling the first level manually, followed by the second level, then the third – all depending on how many product Bill of Material levels you have.

There are two options. First, by completing the sales order and Unleashed will take care of the rest. Or secondly, you can choose to manually select to assemble it within the sales order. You cannot go “into” the assembly to “complete” it, this has been done by design. The reason for this is that we want to prevent a situation where an assembly is “completed”, yet the sales order isn’t ready to go out – and in the meantime your stock goes missing (e.g. theft).