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Why choose Unleashed over NetSuite ERP?

Simple, user-friendly interface

Understand your stock levels, sales trends, and production statuses at any time from the intuitive Unleashed dashboard.

Easy onboarding experience

Get set up quickly and access live phone, email, and chat support for instant troubleshooting and free guidance.

Affordable NetSuite alternative

Only pay for the features you need and avoid the high costs and risks of ERP implementation and subscription contracts.

Low-risk, low-cost implementation

Unleashed is faster, cheaper, and easier to set up thanks to our dedicated onboarding team and smooth implementation process.

Only pay for the
features you need

NetSuite ERP software is better suited to large organisations. For smaller firms, the extra features can impair user experience.

Avoid expensive NetSuite contracts

NetSuite makes it easy to get trapped in a unprofitable, opaque ERP contract and spend thousands on hidden costs as a result.

What do customers say about Unleashed?

Ratings compared:
Unleashed vs NetSuite

500 reviews
244 reviews
283 reviews
577 reviews
283 reviews
577 reviews
283 reviews
577 reviews
29 reviews
59 reviews
Average rating across sites

*accurate as of August 2023

Pricing compared:
Unleashed vs NetSuite

Unleashed Plans

( for 3+ users ) start from:

$380 USD Paid Monthly

$420 NZD Paid Monthly

$460 AUD Paid Monthly

£270 GBP Paid Monthly

Plus one-off implementations fee:

$449 – $5,549 USD

$449 - $7,999 NZD

$449 - $7,999 AUD

£329 - £4,499 GBP

NetSuite plans

( for 3+ users ) start from:

$1,396 * USD Paid Monthly

$2,378 * NZD Paid Monthly

$2,188 * AUD Paid Monthly

£1,117 * GBP Paid Monthly

Plus one-off implementations fee:

$10,000 – $100,000 † USD

$17,046 - $170,539 † NZD

$15,698 - $157,050 † AUD

£8,004 - £80,035 † GBP

* estimated cost, including monthly licensing fee, based on a report by
† estimated cost, based on multiple sources

For a full list of Unleashed features included in each plan, visit our pricing page.

Build the tech stack you need, with nothing you don't

Connect to over 30 powerful integrations and synchronise data across the entire business. Create custom workflows based on your unique needs (not Oracle’s). Personalise your tech stack with the Unleashed API.

Hear from businesses that made the switch

Greg Hall’s luxury ice-cream company saved thousands of dollars – and hours of frustration – by switching off NetSuite and on to Unleashed with Xero. Hear about the transformational change their company enjoyed moving to a modern, cost-effective business platform.

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Unleashed vs Oracle NetSuite features compared



Inventory management
Order management
Accounting and payroll
Production tracking
Supplier management
QuickBooks integration
Xero integration
Data synchronisation
Multichannel sales

The top-rated NetSuite alternative for customer support

Enjoy service you can trust from the top-rated customer support team in the industry. Assisted migration and dedicated local support ensure your onboarding goes as smoothly as possible.

Choose the NetSuite alternative with 950+ five-star reviews

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Unleashed offers a similar system to NetSuite for managing purchases, inventory, and customer orders. The primary differences are that NetSuite comes at a much higher cost, with greater implementation risks, and offers a more comprehensive suite of business tools best suited to large organisations.

Although NetSuite has been around since 1998, the software has received many updates and enhancements to serve the needs of modern businesses. In this manner, it is not an outdated product. However, flexibility and customisation are trending requirements of today’s business landscape – for many companies, an integrated tech stack consisting of multiple best-of-breed solutions is better for attending their unique or complex requirements.

The most impactful disadvantages of NetSuite ERP include it’s unintuitive user interface, complicated pricing structure, and misleading contracts. NetSuite customers have also complained about the complexity and frustration around implementing the software for the first time. Oracle has recently been accused of overselling and underdelivering its NetSuite package – a matter of ongoing investigation in the US courts.