The Katana MRP Alternative for Manufacturers

Looking for a Katana MRP alternative that offers better manufacturing supply chain visibility and end-to-end production? Unleashed software helps you track and manage all your materials, parts, and products from purchasing through to sales.

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The perfect Katana MRP alternative for
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End-to-end production tracking and control

Build bills of materials, track assemblies and subassemblies, and streamline your entire production management process.

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Real-time manufacturing inventory management

Gain total visibility over all your stock items. Cloud-based stock control means instant access to accurate inventory data.

Slash carrying costs and improve your cash flow

Make data-driven purchasing and production decisions with advanced manufacturing and sales reporting.

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See manufacturing inventory software in action

Unleashed is the ideal Katana MRP alternative for manufacturers. Discover how manufacturing inventory management software can free up time and help you cut costs across your business in this 13-minute demo of Unleashed.

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Unleashed vs Katana MRP features


Katana MRP

Inventory management
Production management
BOM management
User management
Production scheduling
Demand and sales forecasting
Purchase order management
Multichannel integrations

Features that grow your whole business

More than just a manufacturing solution, Unleashed gives you all the features you need to grow your business.
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Accurate raw materials and product tracking

Unleashed updates stock movements in real time across the business. Break down all your production costs, sales figures, and key inventory data with minimal manual effort.

Integrate with the best workflow automation tools

Create custom workflows based on your unique needs. Personalise your tech stack with over 30 integrations and let Unleashed act as the reliable central source of data for the entire business.

Why is Unleashed the best Katana MRP alternative?

Unleashed inventory management software is designed to make manufacturers’ lives easier. Here’s how:

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Bill of Materials Management

Manage multi-level Bills of Materials in Unleashed with ease – or create assemblies without a BOM for custom jobs. Manage all your BOM documentation on the cloud with the Unleashed file library and easily adjust each BOM as needed.

Raw Materials Inventory Management

Keep track of all your raw materials, including supplier information, available quantities, and stock locations. Unleashed will tell you how many of each product you can build based on live materials inventory levels, and automatically consume those quantities when you complete an assembly.


Save time and effort by quickly breaking down assembled products and enjoy simpler returns processing with the disassembly function. Automatically disassemble goods after a purchase or return and allocate disassembly costs for accurate margin reporting. Quicker returns management improves customer satisfaction by ensuring their transaction is processed promptly.

Batch Tracking & Serial Number Tracking

Identify expiry dates for perishable goods at a glance and easily manage product recalls with our batch and lot tracking features. Simply set up batch numbers for your products and enjoy end-to-end traceability from raw materials through to finished goods. Allocate serial numbers to each product for even greater tracking capabilities.

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