Unleashed Inventory Tracking Software

Gain total visibility of your parts, materials, and products. Easily track stock by item, batch, or serial number and streamline inventory control with Unleashed inventory tracking software.

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The inventory tracking system trusted by 1000s of businesses around the world

Boost efficiency with automated inventory tracking

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Track orders and stock levels

Manage and track inventory through the entire supply chain and across multiple locations.

data insights

Build custom reports that update in real-time so you can identify key trends at a glance.

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Manage invoices & track your POs

Simplify purchasing, automate your purchase orders, and manage suppliers at a touch.

Understand your product costs

Idenitfy your average landed costs for every item to ensure optimised product pricing.

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Optimised reordering

Cut carrying costs and grow profit with optimal stock levels based on historical data.

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Batch tracking and scanning

Boost inventory accuracy and manage recalls with barcode scanning and batch tracking.

End-to-end BOM management

Build and track assemblies and enjoy total visibility over your manufacturing inventory.

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sales tracking

Integrate sales and product data across all your sales channels and storage facilities.

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Batch tracking inventory management software

Effectively manage perishable stock, handle product recalls with ease, and track product batches or lots along the entire supply chain.

30+ integrations for custom workflows

Unleashed integrates with the best cloud software. Connect sales data, customer information, and inventory tracking across your whole business. Every plan comes with custom API access.

The inventory tracking app that boosts profit

Ensure all your goods are in the right place at the right time – with enough inventory available to meet demand. Live inventory tracking means your records reflect accurate stock positions in real-time. 

An all-in-one inventory tracker
for faster workflows

Unleashed is the cloud-based inventory management software that caters to all your stock management needs, with plan sizes available for every budget.
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The best way to track inventory
(according to our customers)

Unleashed gives users the freedom and resources you need to track inventory on autopilot, so you can focus on the tasks that matter most.

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What I love about Unleashed is that it enables us to scale. The systems we’ve implemented can grow with us – it gives us the flexibility we need.

Helen Lyon

CEO of Puremedic Health

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Customer support that's
all about your business

Get more out of your inventory tracking system with live support and personalised onboarding from the top-rated customer team in the industry.

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Cloud-based inventory tracking software optimises the inventory management processes, making it one of the best ways to track and account for inventory in a business. Tracking systems enable automated inventory control and boost the accuracy of your recorded inventory levels.

Inventory tracking software refers to a system that streamlines inventory management and makes it easier to track goods, parts, and materials inside a warehouse and across the supply chain. A typical inventory tracking software tool will include cloud-based stock control, inventory reporting, and purchase order management features.

It’s possible to use a spreadsheet-based system like Excel to track inventory when your business and product catalogue are still relatively small. However, as your company and products grow in complexity you will need to invest in a more scalable system for tracking inventory, such as inventory tracking software.