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Unleashed centralises your information, so you can manage your wholesale business effectively and efficiently – and never run out of key stock items

All the wholesale inventory management
software features you need

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Serial and batch number tracking

Batch track for traceability, automatically use oldest batches first, assign serial numbers for warranties & much more. 

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Kit sets and

Automatically assemble product bundles & kit sets. Unleashed reserves bundled items, so you don’t sell the same stock twice.

Visibility of
Cost of Goods Sold

Capture all costs for superior margin accuracy. Check profit margins by location, sales channel, sales person & more.

inventory software multiple warehouses feature

Multi-warehouse capabilities

Unlimited warehouses on all price plans. Easily control min and max levels across multiple locations & share data with 3PLs.

Work across multiple currencies

Effortlessly work across currencies with multi-currency controls that set conversion rates for all your buying and selling.

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Centralised supplier information

Enjoy faster & more accurate purchasing with supplier price books and order data stored in the same cloud-based system.

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Unleashed in 15 minutes

See inventory software in action in this quick tour by Tyler Barnes. Tyler shows how Unleashed manages reordering & sets minimum and maximum stock levels; showcases its stock taking functionality, plus its sales order management functionality, as well as integrations.

Automatically break down bulk purchases

Unleashed’s Multiple Units of Measure feature lets you break down purchases into smaller units automatically – perfect if you’re buying by the pallet, but selling in a different unit.

Quickly forecast & optimise stock levels

Save time and free-up capital with Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM). AIM detects the optimal minimum and maximum stock levels for each product and warehouse based off your own sales and lead-time data – and lets you model future demand to avoid costly stock-outs and over stocking.

Over 30 managed integrations

Your tech stack options are endless thanks to Unleashed’s 30+ plug-and-play connections to accounting, POS, eCommerce, CRM and analytics tools – and full API access for your developers.

What do other wholesalers say?

Wholesalers around the world use Unleashed as their wholesale inventory management system. Hear what they have to say about the platform on our customers page, or check out their ratings on the top independent software review sites below.

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