Retail Inventory Management Software That Works For You

The right retail inventory management software takes the headache out of managing your retail stock across physical and eCommerce stores – and brings improvements across the board. Here’s how Unleashed’s retail inventory software helps you

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What can retail inventory management
software do for you?

Unleashed gives retailers the freedom to access real-time inventory and sales information,
so you can ensure you always have stock for your customers in both your physical and eCommerce stores.
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Real-time inventory

Keep an eye on your inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations, transfer stock-on-hand between warehouses to fulfil customer orders.

Perfect your pricing

Manage pricing and sales info centrally. Replace your spreadsheets and centralise your supplier and customer information in Unleashed.

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Master multichannel

Sell anywhere, any time. Integrations with top eCommerce platforms – plus a built-in B2B eCommerce portal – let you easily sell in multiple locations, at multiple price-points.

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Handle sales centrally

Manage all your sales orders centrally, reconciling with your accountancy software in real time. Generate purchase orders at a click if you sell more stock than you hold.

No more stock outs

Get low stock alerts so you don’t fall below minimum stock levels or get caught out of stock on your most popular products. Right-size your inventory with smart tools.

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Analyse and report

Powerful business intelligence features turn your data into strategy. Find your best-performing staff, items, channels or stores – and the products with the best margins.

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See inventory software in action

See how Unleashed helps you streamline order fulfilment, manage retail inventory, and replenish stock in this
15-minute demo with Tyler Barnes.

Control stock costs with inventory optimisation

Free your cash flow with Advanced Inventory Manager. Detect optimal min and max stock levels for each product and model future demand to avoid costly stock-outs and over stocking.

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order management

Unleashed is the central tool for connecting all your online stores, inventory, and sales. Manage multichannel orders and track stock from one location with perfect accuracy.

Connect with 30+ business apps

Enjoy 30+ plug-and-play connections to accounting, POS, ecommerce, CRM and analytics tools – and full API access for your developers.

Retail inventory software
that's packed with features

More than just an inventory solution, Unleashed gives you all the features you need, with plans for every budget.

Freedom to innovate and grow

You’ll enjoy huge benefits across your whole business when you find out what Unleashed can do. Reserve stock for important stores, transfer between locations with ease, process sales orders from all your channels centrally, capture exact transport costs for accurate product margins – and order in more stock – all from the same system.

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