Inventory Management
for Nonprofits

Need inventory management software for your nonprofit, not-for-profit, or registered charity? We’ll support you with 50% off Unleashed, forever. It’s that simple

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Trusted by nonprofits and charities all over the world

The world's best inventory management software for nonprofits!

Packed with features that support your needs – it’s no wonder Unleashed is the highest-rated inventory software on Trustpilot.

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Perpetual inventory

Good inventory management for nonprofits starts with knowing exactly what stock you hold, in every location, at any time. With Unleashed you enjoy live, 24/7 inventory visibility through the cloud.

Better financial

Unleashed integrates beautifully with your favourite accounting software, ensuring all your stock movements are journaled correctly, and you’re up to date on costs, margins & more.

Automated reordering

With Unleashed you can instantly generate bulk POs for your low stock items – automatically pre-populated with the correct quantities and supplier details – then email them out with a click.

Maximise your impact

Unleashed ensures you get the most from your money, whether from price books that find bulk bargains, tools that keep warehousing costs low, alerts that prevent perishable goods waste, or simply the astonishing time-savings you’ll unlock.

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Full traceability & reporting

Unleashed comes with industry-leading batch number tracking, serial number tracking and online document libraries for complete traceability – plus sophisticated reporting tools that make it easy to keep stakeholders informed.

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Better order management

Unleashed offers the flexibility to manage your Sales Orders and Purchase Orders how you please. You’ll save time processing donations & supplies and ship goods effortlessly without manual admin or messy spreadsheets. 

Inventory tracking for nonprofits: How our clients use Unleashed

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Zephyr assists children affected by domestic and family violence to resume their education by supplying all their school-related needs.

The speed of our response, made possible by our business processes supported by Unleashed, is a game changer in this sector.

We're very grateful to Unleashed for their generous support.
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Brisbane, Australia

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