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Track and manage all your electronic components, parts, and products in one place. Unleashed enables you to set your electronics inventory management to auto-pilot – so you can cut down admin time and be more efficient.

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Get complete visibility over your
electronics inventory with Unleashed

inventory tracking

Track all your electronic parts and products in real time on the cloud. Serial number tracking and batch tracking help you easily handle product recalls and stay compliant.

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Easy Bill of Materials management

Gain total visibility over your assemblies, including the value and quantity of components required. Build multi-layered Bills of Materials for complex products.

Understand your true product costs

Unleashed tracks the true landed cost of each stock item – including variable costs like freight. Get an accurate understanding of your margins and cash flow at a glance.

Streamline the
purchasing process

Create purchase orders in seconds and manage all your suppliers’ details in one place.  Raise a PO as soon as you make a sale with demand-driven purchasing.

Make smarter decisions with accurate data

Keep tabs on all your costs and income.  Track supplier and product performance, and monitor your margins with Unleashed’s business intelligence dashboard.

Your own B2B
eCommerce platform

Provide customers with a self-service option through the Unleashed B2B store. Set custom pricing and sell in bulk to distributors and retailers with ease.

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See electronic inventory software in action

Learn how to optimise your electronics inventory management with Unleashed in this 13-minute product demo. See how to create and manage assemblies using a Bill of Materials, track your electronic components inventory, and more.

Be more efficient with 30+ software integrations

Connect your entire business with Unleashed – from accounting and CRM to eCommerce – to gain an end-to-end production and sales system. Unleashed supports seamless integrations with over 30 of the world’s best business software.

Fast kitting and BOM-free assemblies

Create customer quotes that you can easily convert into sales orders so you can reserve stock and quickly build assemblies – with or without a Bill of Materials.

Multiple warehouse inventory tracking

Avoid stockouts and overstocking – track your electronic components inventory across multiple storage locations and use our multi-currency features for total inventory accuracy.

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