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Unleashed gives you the power to scale your business with confidence. Maximise efficiency and slash admin time with cloud-based coffee roaster inventory software that lets you do more with less. From purchasing and green coffee inventory management, right through to production, sales and strategy, Unleashed gives coffee businesses total control over their operation.

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Powerful purchasing

Create purchase orders with a click, and keep all your supplier details and pricing in one place. Use just-in-time approach with demand-driven reorders.

Smart green coffee inventory

Intelligent tools let you easily maintain optimal levels at each location, so you avoid stock outs while minimising holding costs and waste.

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Multiple locations

Plan production and easily track stock across multiple roasteries and warehouses, in multiple global locations and in different currencies.

all your costs

Unleashed captures variable costs like freight, packaging and duties for up-to-date profit margins on every product and sales channel.

Built-in business intelliegence

Unlock the data within your coffee roasting business with built-in BI features that help you make better decisions on the go.

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Better batch tracking

Record every batch you roast, know which suppliers your beans came from and where they go, use oldest stock first & easily manage recalls.

B2B sales

Let your distributors and customers self-service with online B2B stores that slash admin time and eliminate costly errors. 

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Masterful multichannel

 Easily integrate with eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce for centralised inventory control.

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How do coffee firms use Unleashed?

Tyler Barnes shows how food & beverage businesses use cloud software to streamline their operations in this 13 minute demo. Showcasing the features that make Unleashed a favourite with the industry, he looks at batch tracking ingredients, production planning with Bills of Materials, and more.

30+ integrations

Leverage the global apps ecosystem to maximise your coffee company’s success. Unleashed comes with fully supported integrations with the leading accounting, CRM, eCommerce and POS tools – plus full API access for your developers. 

The ideal coffee software platform

More than just an inventory solution, Unleashed gives you end-to-end control over your products, from purchasing and warehousing to production and sales.

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