How Unleashed helps coffee roasters

Unleashed helps you keep track of your coffee inventory, from roasting and grinding to shipping.

Batch tracking
Custom recipes
(Bill of Material)
Multiple roasteries and warehouses
Real-time inventory

The perfect blend of technology for your coffee roasting business

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Stay on top of production

Schedule roast production and let Unleashed keep your inventory updated with every roast

Automatically calculate how much green coffee is required for roasting, quantities available for production based on your inventory level and wastage from every production run.

Get low stock alerts so you don’t fall below minimum stock levels or get caught out of stock on your most popular coffee products.


Traceability through roasting production

Keep track of every batch of green coffee you roast, know which farm or co-op your coffee beans come from and where they are going

Keep an eye on best-before and expiry dates so you can move your coffee on first-in-first-out basis.


Minimize waste, understand your costs

Capture all costs associated with coffee roasting productions to improve margin accuracy

Manage your recipes more efficiently with Unleashed’s Bill of Materials (BOM) to minimize waste and reduce costs.

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers love Unleashed!

“I would say Unleashed saves me about $40,000 dollars a year.”

Without Unleashed, I would be at work all the time or have to employ another person. The biggest benefit I have seen is just being able to manage the thousands of stock items we have.

Stephen JohnsOnline Racing Spares

“The pro-activeness of this company and continuing support provided to us makes using the software a dream.”

Kirsten Malcolm2Degrees Mobile

“Unleashed is a solution that can grow with the business.”

It’s very easy-to-use and satisfies all the requirements for a business focused on manufacturing and selling.

Greg Small – Zeffer Cider

“Unleashed is a tool everyone tracking stock should be using.”

We find it an excellent tool for tracking sales but also find the reporting capabilities are second to none.

Daniel Plested – Triumph & Disaster

“It gives me the ability to manage 71000 items, believe it or not!”

I recommend Unleashed for the flexibility it gives you. I can be a large company but I can be a one man band.

Jane Gower – Feature NZ Gardening Tools

Traceability through
your coffee roasting journey

Coffee process

Unleashed leverages the global apps ecosystem to maximize your coffee roaster’s success.

Unleashed integrates with leading accounting (Xero and Quickbooks), CRM (Salesforce), eCommerce (Vend, Shopify and Magento), POS (Vend and Shopify) and analytics platforms (Lokad) to enable a seamless end-to-end solution.

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Mobile Sales App

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It’s the power of Unleashed in your pocket – the inventory information you need to ensure you can make a sale. Featuring a fast, intuitive interface, you can effortlessly make sales from your iPhone without needing to access a computer or tablet. Unleashed’s Mobile Sales App – perfect for businesses on the go.

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