Put your beer at the heart of every decision with cloud-based brewery management software

Keeping track of everything going on within a brewery is exhausting. You have ingredients coming in, beer brewing, shipments going out. Your tap-room manager needs fresh kegs, and your distributor is asking if you can keep up with demand.

Unleashed gives you the freedom to monitor, action and optimise every aspect of your operations, all in one place, from anywhere in the world. Join the cloud-based revolution and get your brewery thriving.

What Unleashed Software can do for you

  • Operations

    Boost efficiency with complete grain-to-glass visibility

    • Keep your brewery running smoothly by overseeing purchases, inventory, production and sales
    • Realise the true cost of each beer, see where wastage occurs, and how base ingredients affect the final margin
    • Gain clarity over assemblies — understand what stage each brew is at and how close orders are to distribution
  • Brewing

    Track every ingredient and craft perfect recipes

    • See what ingredients you have available, where they are located, and when they expire
    • Set the precise levels and balance of ingredients to create perfect recipes in the Bill of Materials
    • Drive the brewing process with assemblies, and support the rapid innovation cycles your customers demand
  • Sales

    Maximise margins with accurate, up-to-date sales reports

  • Oversight

    Make informed business decisions that bring positive change

    • Access all the data you need to run your business, all in one place
    • Gain insight into what’s happening across your entire operation with detailed Reporting
    • Easy-to-understand KPIs at your fingertips, with data behind each to drive real change
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“Main reason to switch was ability to batch track each item in the brewing process”

Kit McAvoy, Seven Bro7hers Brewery


Brewery inventory management is now an easy task for Seven Bro7hers

With little idea of their stock visibility, the brothers at Seven Bro7hers found it difficult to manage every keg, bottle and can.

The Problem

Seven Bro7hers had many stock-related issues. Without doing a stock count, they had no idea what was available.

The Solution

They were looking for a cloud-based inventory management system that could integrate with their other apps and help them track their stock.

The Result

Finally, Seven Bro7hers know exactly what they have on hand at any time — and how much each product costs to make.

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Empowering brewers across the world

Unleashed inventory management software is perfectly suited for craft breweries, no matter the size or location. That’s why we’ve been trusted by thousands of customers from around the globe. Here’s what a few have to say:


Seamlessly integrate with over 30 platforms and apps

We want you to have the most comprehensive brewery software solution possible. That’s why we’ve developed extensive integrations with world-leading cloud-based apps.

Analyse your financials with Xero or Quickbooks, manage tap room sales with Vend, and get a handle on inventory forecasting and analytics with Lokad.

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Unleashed Software - Ecosystem of extensive integrations with world-leading cloud-based apps.