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Unleashed is your perfect Fishbowl Inventory alternative for managing stock, purchases, production, and sales. Optimise your inventory management and master manufacturing with Unleashed’s powerful automation features and easy-to-understand reporting.

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The Fishbowl alternative that streamlines
manufacturing and stock control

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User-friendly, intuitive interface

Easily navigate your Unleashed dashboard and quickly action your most important tasks in just a few clicks.

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Total production and inventory control

All the inventory, production, sales, and purchasing features you need to run your entire business – in one central location.

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Simplified reporting and analytics

Understand the health of your business at any time. Make better data-driven decisions with simple, accurate reporting.

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Accurate reporting of inventory value and landed costs

Unleashed’s simple and intuitive inventory and sales reporting dashboards deliver powerful insights you can use to inform revenue-generating decisions across the company.

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Unleashed vs Fishbowl Inventory


Fishbowl Inventory

Inventory management
Cloud manufacturing
Accounting integrations
Purchase order management
Multichannel order management
Inventory and sales reporting
Demand and sales forecasting
Barcode scanning
Inventory optimisation
Purchase order recosting
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