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Most CRMs help you streamline customer relationship management, record deals and empower sales teams. Ours does that – and connects with your inventory data to segment customers by their potential, alert you to missing customer orders and spot cross sell opportunities.
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Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need

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Increase customer lifetime value with our dynamic cross sell opportunity finder

Give your sales and marketing teams everything they need to launch targeted, timely cross sell and upsell campaigns based on what your customers have bought previously, considered or never seen before.


Automatically segment your customers to find who is the most loyal, promising and at-risk

Run a sophisticated RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) analysis over your customer base to increase sales from your best performing customers and prevent churn from declining customers. From nurturing good relationships to reengaging declining segments, with RFM you’ll know exactly what to do.


Trigger missing order alerts to prevent customer churn

Missing orders not only cost you money, but they also highlight a potential churn risk. Get both under control with automated missing order alerts and get back to the order frequency that delivers consistent revenue.


Shared goals, deal tracking and performance reporting give you visibility and speed

Drive sales and operational efficiency by collaborating around key CRM functionality including goals and sales insights to help you spot the activities having the most impact on your sales results.

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Faster order taking, an end to manual data entry, and more customer satisfaction: Unleashed and Prospect CRM make selling easy.
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Get more done using a CRM with inventory management software

The Unleashed CRM system shares all your customer and inventory data with your Unleashed inventory management system – plus other connected apps such as accounting software – to make day-to-day activities like order management, quoting, reporting, managing customer relationships & inventory tracking so much quicker. With less time managing customer data, your sales team can spend more building customer relationships – and making sales. Add the Unleashed CRM software and super-charge your business performance with:

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Our revenues have grown over 100% in the last 12 months and Unleashed’s inventory management and CRM are at the centre of that growth

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Processes that used to take an hour or two hours in our old CRM take a minute. It’s a massive time saving.

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