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Want to make our beer?

We’re making our first ever beer and we need your help. We know inventory management for brewers, but frankly our actual homebrew is lousy. Read on to find out why we’re making beer, what we want it to taste like, and to submit your tender.

Why are we making a beer?

Unleashed makes software that brewers love. We have lots of happy customers using Unleashed to manage their inventory and production – and we’d like to find some more. Which is why we want to experience what it’s like to make a beer and use it to open conversations with other potential customers.

Do you want to contract brew it for us?

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Our flavour profile

At Unleashed we’re as precise as pilsner, and make software so efficient we sometimes slip into a German accents without noticing…

We can be a little fruity, though. But we’re never hazy…. except on the details of making beer.

That’s where you come in, though, right?

Submit your tender

Tell us more about your brewery, how you’ll go about the limited run and any recommendations you have for a quality drop.

We’d love you to brew us a bespoke beer, but if timeframes are tight we’d be just as happy with a white label arrangement on a drop you already make.

We’ll be in touch with every application to learn more.

About Unleashed

Unleashed does inventory management software for companies that make, manage and move good products. We started life over ten years ago as a small Kiwi cloud software-as-a-service firm, and have grown into a global leader in cloud-based inventory management. We’re particularly popular with brewers who use us to manage their recipes, reduce waste, batch track their stock, and manage their ordering, inventory levels, and sales. You can find out more about Unleashed for brewing companies here.

If you don’t want to make our beer, but want to talk software, you can book a chat with one of the team.

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