Boost your Inventory Management with Unleashed and SAVE 20%

Now’s a great time to reap the benefits of cloud inventory management. Take advantage of the Australian Small Business Technology Investment Boost and hit the ground running in FY23

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What is the 20% technology boost?

On March 29, 2022 the Australian Government announced new measures to help small businesses. The Small Business Technology Investment Boost allows firms with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $50 million to deduct an additional 20 per cent of the cost incurred on “business expenses and depreciating assets that support their digital adoption.”

The investment boost covers:

  • Subscriptions to cloud based services
  • Portable payment devices
  • Cyber security systems

The boost applies to expenses incurred between March 29, 2022 until June 30, 2022 (subject to caveats around the Federal Government being in caretaker).

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What is Unleashed?

Unleashed is fully cloud-based subscription software that gives product businesses clarity and control across suppliers, production, inventory and sales. With more than 5,000 customers in over 80 countries it’s one of the most trusted names in inventory management software worldwide, with a strong reputation for continual improvement and customer service.

Here in Australia Unleashed is used by thousands of people every day, in industries as diverse as mining and industrial machinery, to brewing and food manufacturing. Australian users are supported by dedicated staff based in our central Melbourne office, and we have teams in New Zealand and the UK too.

You can hear what Australian Unleashed users say about us here.

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Can I use the Australian Technology Investment Boost on Unleashed?

As a cloud-based SaaS product Unleashed is exactly the kind of technology that the investment boost is for. Modernising with powerful yet accessible platforms like Unleashed gives businesses a serious competitive advantage. With labour costs rising cloud software also gives businesses an affordable way to expand, making them much more resilient. When more Australian business move on to platforms like Unleashed, the Australian economy becomes more competitive and adaptable.

Naturally, with any government scheme there are terms and conditions that apply. The best way to check your availability is to book a call with an Australian Unleashed consultant today.

Why inventory management?

Moving to a fully cloud-based perpetual inventory management system is one of the most transformative changes a product business can take. An accurate, real-time record of all your stock, including location, age, expiry, batch and serial number details – and much more – lets you control stock costs while avoiding disruptive stock-outs on important lines.

For manufacturers, Unleashed inventory management provides a whole extra level of functionality, with production planning and ordering for assembly all managed from within a single central platform.

It would be a mistake to call Unleashed “just” an inventory management system though. With advanced functionality in purchasing, sales, production and reporting it’s more like an alternative to an ERP – and integrates easily with other cloud software like accounting and finance, POS and CRM systems.

In fact, for many businesses, moving to cloud inventory management is done just after, or at the same time, as moving on to accounting and finance packages like Xero and QBO.

You can learn more about Unleashed’s integrations here.

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Why now?

The end of FY22 is the perfect time to trial a new inventory management system. By shifting over in the new financial year you start your new reporting period with a fresh slate – while assigning the investment to the budget period that best suits you.

Plus, the earlier the start your subscription, the more of your expenditure is eligible for the 20% government discount.

You can pay for Unleashed on either a monthly or annual basis, with plans for all size businesses.

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What kind of ROI can I expect from Unleashed?

With Unleashed improving so many parts of your business, the impact can be hard to measure. Some customers attribute 35% year-on-year growth to adopting Unleashed – others define their success in terms numbers of new customer accounts, or the number of hours saved each week. You can hear from a range of Unleashed users talking about the ROI they unlocked with the software on this page.
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