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Software for eco-friendly product companies

Unleashed is the software powering the UK’s sustainable product companies. With its elegant and connected cloud solutions, Unleashed brings scale and reach to your vision.

Here’s how Unleashed simplifies your business

Unleashed is business software with inventory management at its core. Used by wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, and based entirely in the cloud, Unleashed gives you:

A live view of all inventory – what you have, where it is, and what it’s worth

Mastery of your multichannel sales orders, across B2B & B2C eCommerce, or offline solutions?

Effortless reordering, supplier management, batch & serial tracking, manufacturing & more


Trusted by manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers around the world

Unleashed is rated among the world’s top 20 manufacturing, inventory, and supplier management software solutions by Gartner’s Capterra and Software Advice.

Meet UK sustainability and wellness entrepreneurs using Unleashed

VOLT electric bikes

The UK’s largest brand of electric bikes, Volt manages their inventory through the cloud with Unleashed.

Salt of the earth

When this natural deodorant company decided they needed smarter sales order management and better stock control – they turned to Unleashed.

Find out how Good Culture Kombucha used Unleashed to grow its kombucha ingredient distribution business.


More UK businesses like yours that use Unleashed


See Unleashed In Action

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What Unleashed can do for you

Shine a spotlight on provenance

Whether you’re in the business of making, managing or moving good products, transparency and honesty matters. Unleashed features serial and batch tracking, making it the natural choice for manufacturers who need to know exactly where their products and ingredients come from – and where they go.

Focus on what matters

Solving stockout issues is the last thing you want on your list. With its live view of all your inventory, sales and production movements, Unleashed keeps your business basics healthy, so you can concentrate on the issues that matter.
Focus on what matters
Work smarter not harder

Work smarter, not harder

We focus on making Unleashed efficient and straightforward to use. Delight your customers and your staff – and save them hours each week – by automating inefficient tasks.

“That’s one of my favourite things about Unleashed: Being able to see really accurate margins for products. That really helps with making decisions about promotions.”


Make great decisions, fast

Drive successful decision making with all your business information to hand. Unleashed gives you full visibility of your data — beautifully presented and automatically updated — across inventory, sales, production and supply.

Make great decisions fast
Keep compliant

Keep compliant

Unleashed’s secure record-keeping helps you stay abreast of good manufacturing practices and industry certifications. Features such as online Bills of Materials, supplier management, and serial and batch tracking make audit time stress-free.

Manage your multichannel sales

Give your customers a seamless buying experience wherever they are. Unleashed supports multichannel strategies with its unified sales order system, a built-in B2B eCommerce Store, a native mobile sales app, and managed integrations with leading platforms such as Shopify and Amazon.

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