Supplier Price Books

Keep all of your supplier information in one place

Buying from multiple suppliers? Centralize your supplier pricing and avoid lengthy manual processes with Unleashed’s Supplier Price Books.

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Purchasing in Unleashed is now faster than ever

Now you can keep all of your supplier prices in one place – meaning you can buy the stock you want from the supplier you want quickly and simply. Reduce manual processes and centralize your data.

  • Convenient
    For each product you can record multiple suppliers, including the price they set for that product for data consistency
  • Flexible
    Record your supplier’s product code and description against the product if it’s different from your own for ease of use
  • Accurate
    Record your supplier’s price in their native currency, so global purchasing is easier than ever


Straightforward supplier management

Having all of your supplier information means less time checking external records, less human error and a faster, smoother purchasing process in Unleashed.

  • Automated
    Create purchases for a specific supplier, and their product price loads automatically to reduce manual processes
  • Simple
    Compare costs for suppliers with Unleashed’s in-depth reporting; no more spreadsheets

Supplier Price Books FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Supplier Price Books can work for your business.

  • Can I still alter a price on a purchase order?

    Yes. Not only can you manually update a product price on a purchase order, you will be given the option to save that as the new default price for that product, from that supplier.

  • Can I change who my default supplier is for a product?

    Yes. For any product you can change the default supplier on the Supplier tab. You can only have one default supplier per product.

  • Does Supplier Price Books have any impact on my product sell prices?

    No. Your product sell prices will remain the same, and any sell price tiers you set to use the default purchase price will still use your default supplier.


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