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Unleashed is cloud-based software that gives companies more control over their inventory, production and sales. Built with collaboration in mind, it also helps their advisors access their records – and improve their processes – any time, anywhere.

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Inventory management and beyond

From our core inventory management role we’ve evolved into a powerful business management solution for product-based industries. Our features include:

  • A B2B eCommerce store, with guest payments
  • A mobile sales app
  • Production module with serial number and batch tracking
  • Purchasing and supplier management, International Commerce Codes functionality, and advanced shipping
  • A powerful business intelligence toolset called BI Vision

We integrate with a wide-range of best-of-breed business apps, like Shopify, Lightspeed, Salesforce and many more. And we’re constantly evolving our product with new features as they’re requested.

Why Unleashed?

Unleashed helps manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers grow with real-time inventory accuracy they can trust. We enable SMEs to:

Track products by batch, expiry, lot or serial number
Automate inventory processes and eliminate manual data entry
Know precisely where materials and products are at any time
Replace spreadsheets that can’t cope with complex assemblies
See the exact profit from every sale
Process as much stock as you need with no transaction limits
Split shipments when the right stock isn’t in the warehouse
Sell in multiple currencies and at multiple price points across multiple channels

Useful resources

Manufacturing Playbook

Just like Xero Playbooks, but by us for manufacturers

Partner Programme

A 2 page overview of how we support accountants to deliver transformational advice

‘Why Unleashed?’ Handout

A short and sweet 2 pager for your clients

Unleashed articles

How we work with you

We regularly help Advisors and their clients with inventory management questions. If you want us to step in to one of your conversations it’s easy.

Either book a time with our partner team directly – or fill out the form here, and tell us how we can help


We arrange a scoping session with you and your client


We onboard the client, getting their inventory management up and running quickly and easily

Unleashed Software - Customer Testimonial - Tom Riley - Managing Director and co-founder Whitewash Laboratories

How does Unleashed benefit you?

Unleashed helps a huge variety of companies around the world – but we’re particularly useful to businesses that

  • Need to report on margins in detail
  • Need a traceable audit trail
  • Hold stock in multiple locations
  • Sell stock at multiple price points
  • Manufacture their own products
  • Use a third party to make their products
  • Break down bulk products or assemble products into kits/bundles
  • Have multi-level assemblies
  • Use logistics providers
  • Sell across multiple channels (B2B & B2C)
  • Need to track inventory with serial numbers

What solutions do different companies need?

Many industries will benefit from a best-of-breed cloud app combination. Let’s look at the types of business that are likely to need your advice the most, and the features they’ll need – both from Unleashed, and the apps it integrates with.


Find answers to the questions accountants typically have about Unleashed.

Yes, we have native integrations for eCommerce platforms including Amazon, Shopify and Magento. Once the integration is setup – which takes just a few clicks – stock levels will be updated across Unleashed and all their platforms in real time. They’ll also benefit from a streamlined order fulfilment process.
They can keep tighter control over outstanding invoices in Unleashed + Xero by setting credit limits for customers in Unleashed. This ensures that sales staff in the business know which customers aren’t paying their bills – so they can stop selling to them.
Yes, this is standard in Unleashed and we pass currency data to Xero for reconciliation against payments from local/foreign bank accounts. If your client does not have a Xero account with multiple currencies, then Unleashed will take care of the conversion for them.
Services like Move My Books can still be used to bring your client’s CoA, opening balances and customer/supplier accounts into a new Xero account. Please note: Move My Books does not convert inventory data, but the Unleashed UK team offer a setup service that includes data conversion.
Yes, Unleashed + Xero can handle an unlimited number of inventory items. While Xero has a soft limit of 1,000 transactions per month, Unleashed can batch transactions daily to solve this problem.
We offer an onboarding service to help your client get up and running on Unleashed. Once Unleashed is implemented, they’ll have access to our dedicated customer service teams in the UK and Australasia.

Inventory Glossary


The building of finished goods in line with a bill of materials (BOM).

Average cost

An inventory costing method that recalculates each item’s cost when it’s receipted, by averaging the cost of the receipt with the current cost of goods sold (COGS).

Batch tracking

A method of product tracking that involves grouping products together, from creation right through to sale. It enables continuous monitoring of a component or ingredient throughout the manufacturing or assembly process.

Bill of materials (BOM)

The raw components of a product, used for its assembly. For example, a Covent Garden soup carton would contain various ingredients like stock, water and vegetables – as well as its container.


The splitting of a product into smaller components. For example, buying in bulk then packaging in a smaller unit of sale.


Stands for electronic data interchange. Similar to an API, it is a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners.

Finished goods

Stock that has been completed by the manufacturing process, or purchased in a completed form, but which has not yet been sold to customers.

Online marketplace

A type of eCommerce site where a product can be sold by multiple third parties, but the transaction is processed by the marketplace owner. Examples include the Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

Purchase orders processing (POP)

The recording of purchase orders and managing of ordered goods once they are received. Purchase orders are typically used to track goods as they are bought and receipted into the warehouse.

Sales order processing (SOP)

The allocation of stock items to match a customer’s order. Involves reserving items for that order to prevent them being sold to someone else, as well as recording despatch once the items leave the warehouse. Once despatched, an invoice can be raised for the customer.

Stock keeping unit (SKU)

An identifying code for an individual item, product or service for sale. A SKU is made up of a unique set of characters that relates exclusively to that particular item.

Third-party logistics

A company’s use of external businesses to cover elements of their distribution and fulfilment services. Often abbreviated to 3PL, or sometimes TPL.