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If you’re a registered charity or not for profit and need to track stock, you’re eligible for 50% off Unleashed forever. No questions asked.

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Trusted by not for profits and charities all over the world

Smart stock management software and much more!

More than just perpetual inventory control – Unleashed saves time, reduces admin & boosts performance by unifying all your buying, warehousing, sales and production processes

Perpetual inventory control

With Unleashed all your stock movements are updated as they happen – whether that’s goods coming in or out, moving between locations, or being used up in production – so you always know what stock you have, and where it is.

Simple stock

There’s no need to down tools at stock take time, thanks to Unleashed’s rolling stock takes. And because it’s always up to date, you don’t need stock counts for visibility – just end-of-year reports.

Automated reordering

With Unleashed you can instantly generate bulk POs for your low stock items – automatically pre-populated with the correct quantities and supplier details – then email them out with a click.


Unleashed can update all your connected tools with accurate stock levels – from accounting systems (Access Financials, Xero and QuickBooks), eCommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce), to B2B portals and CRMs – so all your info is consistent.


Unleashed comes with industry-leading batch number tracking (aka lot tracking) and serial number tracking functionality. Confidently track and trace parts, ingredients or finished products from purchase, through manufacturing, sales, and beyond. 

Easy order management

Unleashed comes with the flexibility to manage your Sales Orders and Purchase Orders how you please. You’ll save time processing donations and supplies and learn to ship goods effortlessly without any of the manual admin or messy spreadsheets. 

What can you use Unleashed for?

Zephyr assists children affected by domestic and family violence to resume their education by supplying all their school-related needs.

The speed of our response, made possible by our business processes supported by Unleashed, is a game changer in this sector.

We're very grateful to Unleashed for their generous support.

Zephyr Education

Brisbane, Australia

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