Feature Fortnight

Because sometimes great customer service takes more than BAU

What is Feature Fortnight all about?

At Unleashed we know that great product development comes from working closely with our customers – the people who use the software day in, day out.  

We continually release new features based on your feedback. Recently though, we realised that putting customers first sometimes means going beyond BAU. That’s where the idea for Feature Fortnight came from.  

Basically, it’s a time when Unleashed’s entire dev and product staff can focus on nothing but customer requests. A time when we push aside all the day-to-day jobs to build the great tools that you, our customers, ask for. 

Here are the new tools we created! 

Doc Designer – Option to Include Serial and Batch Numbers

Wanting to gain better access to batch and serial numbers – and improve traceability? 

You can with this feature, which lets you add batch and serial numbers to your grid lines in a whole new range of documents – so you are able to include these on the first page of documents such as:  

  • Warehouse Transfers 
  • Assemblies 
  • Packing Slips 
  • Ship Notes 
  • Credit Notes 

You might record batch numbers on your packing slips to ensure the correct batch is picked, for instance. Or you might record the batch number of an item you’ve issued a credit note for.  

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Doc Designer Remove Blank Address Lines Anima

Doc Designer – Remove Blank Address Lines

You’ll be able to create cleaner and more readable documents with this update, which lets you suppress blank address lines.

It’s super easy to use – head to the Doc Designer Toolbox, where you’ll find ‘Remove Blank Address Lines’ under Basic Components. Drop this component onto the template, and resize it to encompass the address fields and remove any blank address lines. 

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File Library – Attach Documents to Templates

File Library – our new file storage feature released in 2022 – now comes with the option to attach a file to your email templates.

What this means is that you can choose to include an attachment with every email of a single type. You might attach T&Cs or Returns documentation to all of your Sales Orders, for instance. 

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File Library Email Interface Updates Anima
File Library Email Interface Updates

File Library – Email Interface Updates

You’ll notice some changes when you send an email from one of your transactions pages in Unleashed: 

  • You’ll now see an email window on your page that you can minimise and reopen as needed. 
  • Completed email addresses in the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ fields are now detected, so you don’t need to separate these using commas. 
  • If you click on the ‘To’ field, you’ll see a list of email address options for that customer or supplier – simply click on these to select your recipient(s).  

Watch this space – some great new File Library features are on their way. 

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Sales Order Numbers Linked to Sales Quotes

To give you better visibility over which sales quotes have been accepted and which still require action, you’ll now find Sales Order references in your Sales Quotes.  

Use the View Quotes grid to see an individual quote, and here you’ll see the corresponding Sales Order number. If you have more than one order linked to a single quote, click on ‘Sales Order Number’ to see a list of associated orders. 

For an overview of which quotes are linked to orders – and vice-versa – we’ve also made changes to your Enquiry pages: 

  • The Sales Enquiry now has the option to include a Sales Quote Number column and filter 
  • The Quote Enquiry now has the option to include a Sales Order Number column and filter 

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Sales Order Numbers Linked to Sales Quotes Anima
Inventory Display Default Sell and Purchase Prices

Inventory – Display Default Sell and Purchase Prices

You’ll have better visibility over your Product information with this update, which gives you the option to display default sell and purchase prices on your View Products grid in the Inventory module.  

To customise your grid so you can view the information you need, use the Hidden Columns button to hide or display columns. 

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Shopify – Option for Fulfilment Email Notification

This update lets you choose to have an email notification automatically sent to your customers via Shopify when Unleashed marks their order as fulfilled – meaning less admin time and more efficient communication with your customers.  

To enable this feature, head to your Shopify configuration settings in eCommerce Hub, where you’ll find a new switch for Email Notifications at the bottom of the page.  

Pro Tip: This feature can only be used if you have turned on Keep Shipments and Fulfillments in Sync on your Shopify configuration page. 

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Shopify Option for Fulfilment Email Notification
Shopify Export Stock On Hand from Unleashed

Shopify – Export Stock On Hand from Unleashed

With this update, you can ensure Stock On Hand figures are sent across to Shopify for products that haven’t had stock movement since your last export – so you no longer need to carry out a manual adjustment or transfer for these. 

To make sure your SOH is exported accurately, head to the Manage Your Products tab in eCommerce Hub, select the items you want to transfer stock information for, and save your configuration. 

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B2B Store – Set Minimum Order Values

You can now set minimum order values in your B2B store so customers can only place orders above a certain value, ensuring your orders are large enough to meet your freight, production or purchasing requirements. 

Watch the video to find out more about how to use the Minimum Order feature. 

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BI powered Hover Window Top 10 Products

BI-Powered Hover Window – Top 10 Products

This new BI-powered feature gives you access to rich insights into your customers’ buying habits on the fly – so you can decide on what to up-sell and cross-sell straight from your Sales Orders. 

You’ll now see a lightbulb icon next to your customer’s name in each Sales Order. Hover over this icon and a floating box will appear with contact information for that customer and their top 10 products for the last 12 months. 

For even deeper insights, click on the ‘Explore more with Business Intelligence’ hyperlink in the hover window to view your BI Vision Sales page in a new tab.

Please note: Your account needs to be subscribed to the BI Vision module and your user role needs permission to access this page. 

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Want something added to Unleashed?

We love getting your feedback. So if you have a suggestion for a new feature, however large or small – or if you have an outstanding request that hasn’t been actioned – then please tell us about it!