Know someone who should be using Unleashed?

Share their details with us, and we’ll do the rest.

Once you submit the details, our consultants will get in touch with the contact. We promise they’ll be respectful.

If you have others to refer, you’ll need to submit a new form each time.

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What type of companies are a good fit for Unleashed?

A typical Unleashed user:

  • Is an established company that makes, manages or moves physical products.
  • Has ambitions for growth.
  • Is being held back by legacy systems or software.
Unleashed Referral Programme Manufacturing Image
Unleashed Customer Referral Programme Textile Manufacturing Image

Are there any types of business or industries that I should avoid referring?

Pure retailers with no eCommerce presence – and those needing multiple size, colour, and style variations on products – aren’t usually a good fit.

How many companies can I refer?

You can refer as many as you like. You’ll need to submit a new referral form for every new business you recommend.

Unleashed Customer Referral Programme Bakery image
Unleashed Referral Programme Image of smiling manufacturer

How will you contact the companies I refer?

Our sales team will call them, but we promise to be respectful. We make a point of only onboarding customers who we know are a good fit and who will benefit from our software (otherwise it’s a terrible experience all round). We’ll treat your friends and contacts fairly.

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