Year End update – what an exciting year for Unleashed!

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Wow. What a year! We will look back on this year as a great foundational success for Unleashed with our software now used in several countries and supported by an international fast-growing partner network. Words cannot describe how excited we are about the growth of Unleashed and SaaS products in general. Next year will be crazy!

To keep you all well informed, be aware that there have been two major changes to how Unleashed will be approaching the new year.

Firstly, after much deliberation with both partners and customers, we have decided not to release a separate Professional version of Unleashed as previously blogged. Instead we will be putting all the intended functions in to the current version and simply allow users or partners to turn off any functions not required. This will greatly simplify the distribution and support of Unleashed and make it easier for customers and Unleashed to grow together. And just to clarify the key functions that will be added are below (with estimated time frames);

  • Negative stock (January)
  • Multi warehouse (February)
  • Production / Assembly (March)
  • User access tiers (March)
  • Setup wizard (March)
  • Multi bin / location (April)
  • Batch / Serial / FIFO and Expiry dates (April)
  • Full stock taking (April)
  • API release (May)

Note that timing is just an estimate – based on development progress we will keep you all updated through our blog ongoing. We also have over 100 smaller improvements to throw in to the mix based on all the great feedback received so far.

Secondly, based on Unleashed functions now being all in one version we need to also introduce a pricing system to scale the offering. Therefore, effective February 1st 2011, we will be introducing the pricing tiers below;

  • Tier 1 (Single user plus partner access) – NZD / AUD / USD $35.00 or GBP / EUR 20.00
  • Tier 2 (Up to three users plus partner access) – NZD / AUD / USD $55.00 or GBP / EUR 35.00
  • Tier 3 (Up to ten users plus partner access) – NZD / AUD / USD $95.00 or GBP / EUR 60.00
  • Tier 4 (Up to twenty users plus partner access) – NZD / AUD / USD $145.00 or GBP / EUR 90.00
  • Tier 5 (Unlimited users plus partner access) – NZD / AUD / USD $295.00 or GBP / EUR 180.00


Note that all existing customers, plus any customers who sign up before the start of February 2011 will stay on the current pricing so get in quick! Partners will also have the option to make passive commission income on these tiers to supplement solution implementation and support income.

More details will be released in January to ensure all involved are up to speed. In the meantime, have a great (and safe) Christmas everyone. We look forward to having a MASSIVE year with you all in 2011!!!

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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