World Wide Web Wednesday #50

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Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Amazon going after small businesses

Amazon recently launched a new section, Amazon Storefronts, reminiscent of another eCommerce platform Etsy. Is Amazon Storefronts a direct challenge to the hand-made trinkets on Etsy?

Doing better than giving back

Big companies like Nike have invested in comprehensive codes of conduct that raise the bar on things from labour standards, human rights, and product lifecycle. Despite their hard work, Anand Giridharadas argues that rather than giving back to the community, corporations should aim to get it right the first time.

Instagram is getting a new shopping feature

The Explore page on Instagram is getting a dedicated shopping channel. Instagram users can now shop directly from Instagram Stories, and merchants will be able to enable shopping within Stories from the Shopify dashboard they use to run their stores.

Fighting algorithmic bias in AI

Who would’ve thought that artificial intelligence might be just as racist or sexist as we humans are? Machine learning and deep learning, the most popular branches of AI, are the reason our software become biased. It’s just as important to have diversity in coding as that is what our AI bots are learning from!

Don’t throw good money after bad

People hate cutting their losses and are much more likely to continue throwing good resources like time or money, after a bad pursuit. Let’s find out more about the sunken cost fallacy that drives our bad decisions.

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