August 8, 2018    < 1 min read

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

4 things retailers can learn from Apple

Apple is now a trillion dollar company, a status that no other US company has ever achieved. Although Apple is predominantly in the headlines for their tech, retailers can learn a thing or two from their marketing.

Why we hate emails but love texts

Many of us take great cathartic pleasure in pressing the delete all button during an email purge. Our inbox is now being flooded by unwanted and unsolicited emails. How has our fascination with emails turned on its head while text is more popular than ever?

Are 3D body scanners going to change the way we shop for clothes?

Naked Labs, an American startup, has started shipping its in-home 3d body scanners, comprised of a modern-looking standing mirror, a scale, and an app. Users can then generate a 3D rendering of their body. With this technology, it’s not hard to imagine a future where users can upload their body models to eCommerce sites to tailor their shopping experience.

Voice-activated technologies will transform businesses

The impact of voice-activated technologies will go beyond how people interact, it will change how companies function. Over the next three years, enterprises will increasingly adopt voice-enabled technologies. Although voice search is probably the primary use for voice technology today, businesses should look beyond that.

America’s online sales tax decision might cost you

The divided Supreme Court in the States just overturned a quarter-century-old precedent by holding that a state may impose sales taxes on retailers with no physical presence in the state. This might be good news for brick-and-mortar stores but what will it mean for retailers that rely on eCommerce sales?

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