November 18, 2019      < 1 min read

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

How does Ikea expand globally while others struggle?

Many Western-based companies struggle to successfully expand on an international level. American giants like Walmart, and European incumbents Carrefour and Marks & Spencer have all struggled to push their business overseas. Surprisingly, Ikea has managed to open their doors in a 37th country. What have they done differently?

Starbucks pairs up with Alibaba

In China, Starbucks is pairing up with eCommerce giant Alibaba’s food-delivery service to deliver their food and drinks. It’s no secret that Starbucks’ sales have been lower, with a reported 2% drop in China. Analysts believe this is in part due to new competition, including the startup coffee company Luckin Coffee in Beijing. In the last seven months, Luckin has opened 660 stores where coffee is brewed and then delivered to customers by scooter. How will this partnership boost Starbucks’ slipping sales?

Sound inventory management – a matter of survival

Effective working capital requirement (WCR) management is critical for companies to ensure long-term, sustainable profitability. The economic environment is particularly volatile and Asian companies are particularly vulnerable to these shocks due to their strong involvement in global supply chains. Read more about how cautious inventory management will be pivotal for their continued growth.

4 habits making millennials rich

Some financial experts think that despite the bad rap millennials have when it comes to their personal finances, it’s thanks to their unique approach to life and personal finances that they are doing extremely well for themselves. Here are four habits experts say are helping make millennials rich.

Consumers wise up about data security

Facebook and Twitter have had a tumultuous few months with data privacy – Facebook got caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal; Twitter has had to cull their platform of bots and fake accounts; both platforms suffered under the newly enacted GDPR legislation. Aside from these big social sites, there have been more instances where individuals’ data have been breached. Consumers are increasingly aware of how much their personal information is being collected and commercialised is growing.

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