World Wide Web Wednesday #38

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Alexa, order room service

Keep an eye out for an Alexa speaker the next time you’re on vacation! Amazon recently announced it has developed a version of Alexa for hotels, called “Alexa for Hospitality”. It will help hotel guests control room temperature, schedule wake up calls, deliver weather updates and more. Hospitality companies that want to use the technology will only be accepted by invitation.

Instagram introduces new feature to compete with YouTube

Last week, Instagram users would have noticed the new blinking icon for IGTV on the home page. In a move to longer-form content, Instagram announced IGTV, a longer-form vertical video surface. What does this mean for other social media platforms and YouTube?

Why retailers are installing blue lights in bathrooms

The tide of America’s drug overdose and opioid crisis isn’t turning so retailers are turning to unconventional methods to deter people from injecting themselves. Some convenience stores and supermarkets are experimenting with installing blue lights in bathrooms to make it difficult for users to inject themselves. The idea behind this is that drug users, who often use the privacy of bathrooms to inject drugs, will have difficulty finding their veins. But will these lights do more harm than good?

Australasia’s most ethical brand

Kathmandu has become the first Australasian company to receive the Fair Labour Association accreditation, joining big brands such as Nike, Patagonia and Hugo Boss. Read more about how Kathmandu achieved this through their ethical practices and sustainable fashion.

Facebook launches a magazine?

Facebook has launched a high-end print magazine, Grow, in the UK and Northern Europe. Although this has been touted as a magazine, Facebook says it’s actually a marketing campaign. Find out more about Grow.

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