World Wide Web Wednesday #37

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Amazon Prime lands in Australia

Amazon Australia just launched Prime on Tuesday, offering benefits like free 2 day delivery on eligible products and access to videos, e-books and gaming. At half the price of a Prime membership in the US, Amazon Prime Australia is set to turbocharge sales Down Under!

Project Debator

In a groundbreaking display of artificial intelligence, IBM’s Project Debater spoke, listened and rebutted arguments in a debate with a human. Watch how it unfolded here.

Automation to hit retailers

Our fascination with automation is linked to the promise of what automation will bring to businesses. With the promise of reducing labor costs, improving productivity, and making customers happier, where will these benefits come from and will they be as great as what they seem on the surface?

Retail apocalypse

It might be easy to link the decline of brick and mortar stores to the rise of online shopping but has the way we shop truly changed? New research published in the Harvard Business Review about retail consumption suggests otherwise.

Alibaba digitises store operations

As part of their strategy to build the technology needed to bring old retail into the 21st century, Alibaba has added new features to improve RT-Mart customers’ shopping experience. From in-store fulfilment of online orders to interactive kiosks, Alibaba is trying to merge online and offline business.

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