World Wide Web Wednesday #36

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Understanding the concept of nothing

According to researchers, not only can honey bees count, they can also understand the concept of zero.
This is a significant discovery – the only nonhuman animals to pass the tests that bees did are primates and one bird, Alex the African gray parrot.

North Korea demystified?

As American President Trump meets with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un in Singapore, the world looks on with fascination and curiosity. North Korea has been shrouded in mystery so here’s a brief glimpse into the country’s history, economy and why the government claims its people don’t pay taxes.

Why you should be a rebel instead

Rebels often have a bad reputation but what are the benefits of being a rule-breaker? Watch this short 2 minute clip on how being a rebel can pay off in your personal and professional lives.

Amazon’s Chinese factory exploits its workers

After an investigation into worker conditions at Amazon’s Chinese factory where Echo smart speakers and Kindle e-readers are made, it has been revealed that Amazon’s profits come at the expense of workers who toil in poor conditions. Read more about what the watchdog investigators had to say.

Saying sorry

We all make mistakes, sometimes small ones like forgetting someone’s name, other times big mistakes like deleting clients off a database. Here are how a number of other CEOs and execs had to share about what they have had to apologise for and what they learned from it.

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