World Wide Web Wednesday #35

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Soaring online sales for Australia

Although Aussie retail sales grew a small 2.6% in the the 12 months to April, a whopping 60% of those sales came from online retailers. With online shopping continually on the rise, it’s hard to see this trend stop anytime soon.

This country will be the first to adopt driverless cars

A driverless future will happen sooner than 2024, and it won’t happen first in the US. Read more on why this country will be the first to adopt autonomous cars.

“I use my phone too much” – Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was surprised by how much time he spends on his devices. With Apple’s new feature, Screen Time, users can see their daily and weekly time spent in each app and can even set time limits for specific apps.

Turning a legal obligation to a marketing opportunity

No doubt your inbox has been flooded with privacy policy update emails, but not all GDPR emails are made equal. Some brands have turned a legal obligation into an opportunity to entice their customers.

Siri gets personal

Apple’s Siri assistant has changed drastically from its original version. Instead of it answering complicated questions and holding natural conversations with the user like its competitor Alexa, it’s starting to learn more about its user. Siri will learn how users use their devices and live their lives, and then make recommendations.

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